Is Classroom Learning Style a Dinosaur?


Is Classroom Learning Style a Dinosaur?

Organisations are moving swiftly towards blended learning. Traditional training topics are now ‘online modules’. To cater for employees being “very busy”, the duration of these courses has been significant shortened. So all is well right?

Most skills take you about 100 hours to become adept. More importantly to learn a skill, it really helps if you want to learn that skill.

So let’s take the humble “time management” course. Back in the day, you’d gather 10 of your staff and run a one day “time management course” in-house. The group would be shown tools and more importantly would decide as a group how to get better managing time. They might even develop a plan to remove all the clutter from the workspace. So all in all, the group should have had an enjoyable day and leave the course motivated to make some changes.

Roll forward to now and something like this will be on your LMS.

You’re kidding. You seriously think that is going to help someone who needs to develop their time management skills.

Here’s a thought. If your current classroom learning is about the same quality as your online learning then make the jump. But don’t move your emotive, team building courses to online. It’s the interaction that drives the results. Remember the end game is “learning” not “viewing”.

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