Are you developing your employees to stay or training them to leave?


Are you developing your employees to stay or training them to leave?

Have you often wondered that despite regular trainings and special programmes, why the performance of your team has not increased? Has the flagging or stagnant performance increased the pressure on your responsibility as a team leader? Well, in such cases, a little introspection will lead you to the right answers.

When you provide training to your employees or team members, it is with the intention of expanding their knowledge and enhance their skill set. However, if it is not drawing any results, then the training programme is not effective.

So, if you do not want to your employees to leave the company after receiving a training which is not beneficial to the company’s development, then you have revisit and revise the training programmes. Therefore, if you have to chalk out the courses for which your employees require training, keep the following points in mind:

Keep up with technology

Training courses are required in many industries, given that the technological advancement is massive. Software that was once touted to be the next step towards expanding would be considered outdated once a better software product enters the market. Similarly, in order to ensure high performance work practices, invest in pushing your team to stay updated with the growing technology. Start having early morning courses or a weekend courses in which all your employees get together and learn the latest technology in the market.

Choose the curriculum wisely

One of the most common mistakes found in most training courses is that they do not focus on the objective of the training. While deciding the course, ask yourself – will this course only help the employee gain personal development?

Will this programme be detrimental to the company in the long run? Will the employee’s skill set be effectively used to propel the growth of the company or will it enable them to explore opportunities that are incidental to concerned industry.

This objective is crucial as you will then be responsible for the last of growth or performance from your team. And, as a course facilitator, it will only put your decision making under question.

Change the way of teaching

If a particular topic is not a lecture but a healthy debate, then you are witnessing high levels of intellectual conversation and setting an interesting precedent of learning. Debates, discussions and active interactions enhance the motivation skills of an employee.

As a course facilitator, you also have the responsibility to make the courses as interesting so that there is a significant value addition in terms of learning amongst employees. Throwing surprise quizzes or spot debates will motivate the employees to take active interest in the courses.

Learn from feedback

What most companies don’t pay attention to is feedback. While you may feel that a particular course will equip the employees to perform better, you may not always be right.

Your employees may have a certain view and want a particular course to be included as part of training, so that they can reduce the time spent on completing the project, then you must encourage their feedback’s. If their suggestion is valid, then you must introduce the course as part of the training programme. This will develop the resilience skills of the employees.

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