What is workplace resilience training and why is it important?


What is workplace resilience training and why is it important?

The global health epidemic of the 21st century according to the World Health Organization is “Stress.” The contemporary work culture keeps us relentlessly connected, concerning to meet the potential work related pace and targets. Such workplace related stresses are causes of concern as they adversely affect our health. Moreover, such negative stress can also affect the productivity. Hence, building resilience skills is considerably important for the workplace culture.

Though some people are born with more resilience than others, it is not a perilous task that the others cannot learn. An approach towards life and how one takes the challenges it throws is what impacts our performance. When one learns how to boost their ability to face, thrive and grow through the circumstances, is when they become truly resilient.

Instead of spending strength over avoiding workplace challenges, we can rather develop our resilience towards them by identifying them, managing them and effectively overcoming them. Training the staff with an effective skill-based program which helps them to not only face but, recover from the demanding situations is what workplace resilience training counts for.

However, it is also relevant that such roadblocks are also considered positive and productive, which are also known as ‘Eudemonic stress.’ It indicates that some types of stress can motivate us to give our best and make us perform well apart from making us healthy as well.

It is a question to be considered that some people hit the jackpot facing the challenges and hardships, while the others fail to cope. It is a myth that only people with intelligence, experience and the ones who put in long working hours at aggressive work environments prosper. The fact is those who are resilient are the ones whom success favors. Be it a change of organization, threatening staff cutbacks, meeting deadlines, competitive business rivals or any such situation, if you are resilient, you will learn to cope up with such challenges and flourish.

Why Is It Important?

A workplace resilience training program will help the employees in self-awareness and personal empowerment, wherein they learn to control their physical, psychological and emotional health. The challenges will no longer make you elope from your work rather it will help you to face them confidently.

The Benefits

It will help to enhance the concentration and motivation along with positive energy which provides zeal to achieve more and this increases productivity. It also assists in exercising mindfulness which helps in insight related problem-solving.

A group based learning activity is always considered to help build a better team because of the interacting sessions and integrated approach. It reduces the risk related to work stress and also meets occupational health safety. Employees frequently get frustrated because of some difficult people who give them a tough time. Resilience training can help them manage such people and situations in a healthy way.

One of the basic skills required as per current corporate standard is, “those who can perform well under pressure” are preferred over the rest. The resilience training helps in strengthening the minds of people so that they can give their best under any given circumstances.

The quote today is, ‘Work smart rather than work hard!’ Being resilient, one can finish their tasks faster and precisely. Moreover, they no longer will have the need to carry their work in mind after work hours. It aids the people to prioritize their tasks, classifying them and using their reasoning skills to get the task done.

The concentration level has its say, and hence, workplace resilience also focuses on taking detachment breaks. This activity promotes mental clarity, vitality, and creativity.

Workplace resilience training also emphasizes on cultivating compassion, both for self and for others. This leads to positive emotions, positive work relationships and increases collaboration. Though compassion is not directly related to effective business, the success of organization, team, or an individual relies upon it. Thus, workplace resilience training is a good return on investment.

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