How Do Strategically Chosen Pictures Make a Better Impact than Bullet Points in Professional Training Programs?


How Do Strategically Chosen Pictures Make a Better Impact than Bullet Points in Professional Training Programs?

Training sessions are an integral part of many companies wherein employees are updated about innovations or the latest strategies that are about to be implemented. Such sessions are also conducted to often enhance the knowledge of employees in specific areas so as to improve their contribution to the growth of the company.

However, most professional training programs can become quite boring and incomprehensible as they comprise multitudes of slides containing texts that are just highlighted by bullet points. A better alternative to make training sessions more absorbing is through strategically selected pictures placed on slides and not just texts.

The Impact of Pictures

Pictures always have greater influence on the mind of the audience than mere texts. Slides in training programmes that contain only long texts marked by bullet points are often ignored or forgotten by the audience once the programme is over.

However, the right kind of pictures presents a more interesting aspect to the training programme as people always love looking at pictures instead of reading mundane textual matters. So if you want your training programme to be fruitful and achieve its actual goal, it is always better to use pictures on slides instead of texts marked by bullet points.

Select your Topic Carefully

Not all topics at professional training programs can be covered by pictures alone. Therefore, research carefully about what you want to present to the audience and if it can be done just through pictures. Most topics; however; can be presented through carefully chosen pictures that will leave an indelible mark on the minds of the audience.

First, select all those points that you want to cover in your topic and then focus on what the audience needs to learn and remember through these pictures.

Pictorial Slides enhance the Quality of Virtual Presentation

Using graphical images not only makes your slides more attractive but is also an excellent medium for virtual presentation. In case you cannot conduct a live training session, a virtual presentation having pictures with pre-recorded speaking points inserted at strategic positions in the slides can also serve your purpose well enough.

Even if the audience cannot actually connect with you directly, the pictures in the virtual presentation will have similar influence on the minds of your audience and help them learn and remember better.

Do not Clutter your Slides

As the saying goes; “too much of anything is bad” and so it is with slides comprising pictures. No matter how relevant the pictures are, putting too many of them in one slide will confuse the audience. It will also leave little space for verbal communication; which is equally important.

Each slide should have just the requisite number of pictures to increase the curiosity of the audience and help them connect with your speaking points. The right kind of pictures that suit your topic will always leave a lasting impression on the learners and ingrain in them the knowledge you want to impart.

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