New-Gen Professional Training – Harnessing the Power of Story Telling for Organizational Development


New-Gen Professional Training – Harnessing the Power of Story Telling for Organizational Development

Stories present facts in a delightful manner and keep the audience captivated long after the session has ended. Not surprisingly, the art of story-telling has now been adopted and adapted suitably for organization training programs for the new-gen professionals. In fact, many companies are now considering story-telling sessions as a viable and successful way of connecting with employees and imparting knowledge that enhance their skills.

The Art of Story-telling

Stories offer a medium for people to interact with each other meaningfully, share passions and knowledge and communicate their experiences of hardship and success. They help create an enriching bond that inspires others and break barriers between people of different aptitudes and attitudes. In a corporate environment, all this helps in building a harmonious atmosphere between colleagues and create a team out of individuals.

Stories help People Remember Information Better

Research shows that most people tend to retain information that has been imparted to them if it is presented through exciting and inspiring stories rather than just through mundane statistics. In this age of uncertainty and competitiveness, stories can provide your employees with just the right tool to learn about new technologies; assimilate them successfully and implement them enthusiastically for the overall development of your organization.

Stories Inspire People to Perform Better

The corporate world has several famous leaders and entrepreneurs whose rise to the top from humble beginnings can be great inspirational stories for others. Not only have they achieved extraordinary feats themselves but have also inspired others to dream and pursue their goals by telling them stories about their own hardships, hurdles down the way and their ultimate success.

When narrated beautifully and in a passionate manner, a story thus has the power to inculcate in your employees a sense of purpose and to see themselves as agents of change for the overall development of your organization. At the end of such a story-telling session, your employees will be inspired to put in that extra effort and go that extra mile in order to make critical changes for betterment in their individual domain of work.

Stories have the Power to Enrich your Workforce

Stories; as part of organization training programs; is a highly potent engagement tool which ensures that the key messages you want to convey to your employees resonates with them leading to meaningful changes. Organizational stories thus can be used successfully in training programmes in order to transform attitudes, opinions, visions and behavioural patterns of your employees.

Stories help Employees Appreciate their Organization

As a leader, it is one of your prime responsibilities to convey to your employees the heritage; mission and vision of your organization. Mundane training programmes with boring facts and figures hardly achieve that purpose when work fatigue sets in.

However, powerful stories about the rise of the organization, your own involvement in everything no matter how trivial it is and your continuous contribution to its growth and development can change the attitudes of the most under-performing employee and inspire him to reach for higher goals.

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