How to be more compassionate at work


How to be more compassionate at work

Being more compassionate is one of the ways by which you can have a positive influence on your co-workers. When distressed employees of a company receive acts of compassion such as time off from work, emotional support, etc they show a greater commitment towards their workplace organization.

Look at few simple ways by which you can be more compassionate at work:

Help your co-workers when needed!

If you see a colleague struggling in any particular area which you are good at, consider offering your assistance or share your knowledge if required. Share a useful tip you usually follow so that the project gets completed within the stipulated time.

Connect with your colleagues

Try and introduce yourself to team members who do not know much about you. Get into a generic conversation and ask questions related to them, their families and what they enjoy doing in their free time. On a daily basis, greet your team members using their names so that they feel they are seen and heard.

Offer support

When you notice that your fellow co-workers are struggling with a heavy work load, ask them if they require help. When you genuinely care for your colleagues, it will not only inspire them but they will always love to work with you in the future.

Team work

Conduct brainstorming sessions and encourage your entire team to share their inputs regarding the organization’s vision and goals. Let them effectively contribute towards the action steps that are needed in order to achieve the top-priority goals of the company. Provide your colleagues with a healthy environment where each and everyone can collaborate by discussing their ideas and offer innovative solutions.

Acknowledge employees’ strengths and positive attributes in an open forum

The best way to boost a person’s morale is by rewarding his or her work in the presence of other people. A team member will feel valued and respected when he or she is applauded in front of a group of peers. Look for opportunities to acknowledge and celebrate your team member’s special achievements on the work front.

Lead your team with compassion

When you treat your team members with compassion, in a long run they would always love to work with you because they know for a fact that you care for them. Always remember, the greatest leaders are those who have the ability to inspire other people through their kindness, support, and empowerment.

Encourage team-building activities

Take the initiative of setting up fortnightly, monthly or quarterly team building activities for your team members or take help from volunteers. From softball tournaments to community clean up activities, plan for any kind of an event that brings together all the team members in a single place. You can also ask your team members for suggestions so that everyone in the team feel they are involved in the activity.

Communicate effectively with your employees

Encourage employees to communicate openly so that everyone can share their truthful and heartfelt expressions easily. As a team, they can work out any challenges together if they stand united as a team. Learn to give feedback to co-workers in a healthy way such that only the improvement area is targeted and not the employee.

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