Effective Ways to Teach Team Resilience


Effective Ways to Teach Team Resilience

Resilience is the ability to get back on your feet in times of adversity. It is about brushing aside defeat and persisting with hard work to get ahead in life. Simply put, the quality of resilience is all about self-confidence and trust.

While a lot of people think that resilience is inbuilt, there are ways to help your team in imbibing this quality.

Understand Why You Need to Build Resilience


It is realistic to admit that sometimes plans do not work out the way you’d want them to. Your team can face problems, structural changes, miss sales opportunities or go through hardships such as tragedy, stress and failure.

While you focus on your business, you need team leaders who can boost the morale of your employees. Focussing on the team and pro-actively building team resilience can go a long way in building your company and image.

Here are some ways to build team resilience ultimately helping them to perform better.

Encourage, Don’t Criticise


When a team member is not able to do his best, admonishing him can worsen the situation. Instead, focus on the positive qualities of the member and help him in bringing those qualities to the fore.

Stress is one of the worst offenders when it comes to demoralising a team. Stress management is the need of the hour. Team leaders everywhere are being encouraged to invest time in talking to their team members about what bothers them.

Be sure to help reduce the stress levels of your team members. Be a lot more encouraging. Avoid criticising the person for non-performance. Build up your team resilience by becoming an ally for your team and not a critique.

Focus on the Word Team


When you work on a project or assignment as a team, it is important to project that very concept to all the members first.

Instead of allowing individuals to take off on their own, you need to keep reminding everyone why you are in it together.

Hold regular team meetings to understand how each one is performing. Encourage the members who show progress. Talk to members who find it difficult to cope with others.

Make sure everyone understands that the main focus is on the team rather than any individual.

Allow client appreciation to go to your team too. That will encourage your team further.

Allow Time for Adapting to Change


As witnessed in almost all types of businesses, things change rapidly. Be it systems, technology or the way you conduct business, it is important to keep learning and adapting to new ideas.

However, not all your employees can adapt to change easily. Generally, older employees find it difficult to cope with new ideas and work methods. For those who are still followers of traditional marketing strategies, the new age online marketing ideas take time to sink in.

You need to work with your team to help them understand why they need to change their mindsets and working habits. While situations that affect the business process may crop up due to changes, you need to make sure your team can get back onto their feet quickly and turn around the business.

At the same time, it also becomes imperative that team leaders show patience while the team gears up to face new processes and situations. Allowing interaction with team leaders across domains is a good way to understand possible difficulties that may arise.

When your team leaders show patience and trust in the team members, you will get an ideal response when dealing with adverse situations and competition.

Form Your Teams with Trusted Group Leaders

Raising Organisational Resilience

While working with the members and group leaders of your team, you need to quickly identify probable team leaders who can help their team build resilience, tackle problem areas and develop business rapidly.

When forming teams, it is important, therefore, to allow your team leaders to form their teams where possible.

It is also important to ensure that the more resilient team members work their ideas towards achieving the goals. You will be surprised to note that such team members respond affirmatively and more importantly, with less stress in managing and sharing the pressures when the situations demand.



You can always ensure your employees are able to understand the goals you are setting when you share your vision with them. You can inspire them with success stories from both within and outside the organisation.

You can also invite guest speakers from the industry to motivate your team members. When employees see and hear others who have face adversity and come up in life, growing better and tougher, it inspires them.

Professional training experts can also use presentations and case-studies from around the world to help employees deal with situations. All businesses go through tough times and it is the people within the organisation who find the solutions to solve the issues.



Another good way to ensure you have a resilient team is to encourage participation. This can be done by way of showing appreciation through rewards. Rewards may be monetary or in kind such as a trip to an exotic location or tickets to a local match.

Get Professional Help

Sometimes, it is not possible to get your team leaders to handle the training and team building on their own while they are focusing on the business functions. It may also be a matter of concern for you to decide how they can allocate time for training their team members.

In such situations, you need to get experience professional trainers who are not just industry experts but also have excellent training abilities. You can decide if your team interacts with them during business hours or if they need counselling individually.

At Preferred Training Networks, we have a committed team of expert professionals to help your team leaders build resilience and other team qualities. Talk to us right away to know how we can help you build your business better. We are just a call away!

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