Dealing with Aggressive People

Dealing with Aggressive People

Aggressive people can be both difficult and dangerous. Aggressive people can be intimidating. Aggressive people are sometimes fuelled with drugs and/or alcohol.


Are you facing aggressive people in your workday? Have you noticed higher levels of aggression? Would you like to learn some practical skills to manage aggressive people?

So this course was designed by an organisational psychologist to keep you grounded when facing aggressive people. Previous participants have remarked that the course gives them space and skills to deal with the aggresive person. The ideal outcome is that you remain safe when being confronted by aggressive people.

You’ll be surprised how your behaviour, tone and body language can influence aggressive people. This course is not a self defence course. This course is all about minimising the aggression to keep you safe.

“The ideal outcome is that you remain safe when being confronted by aggressive people.”

At the conclusion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Discuss the characteristics of aggressive people that you encounter
  • Discuss the initial micro aggression tactics poeple use
  • Demonstrate a non-engagement presence in an observer role
  • Review the relationship between aggression and proximity from the Allen Curve
  • Resist the urgency to trade sentence bursts
  • Scan what types of body language enflame or soothe a situation
  • Review the roles of security and the police when dealing with aggressive people
  • Calibrate the impact of voice tonality
  • Practise ways to slow an aggressive outburst
  • Discuss vocabulary strategies “I’m going to call the Police” or “The police are on their way”
  • Discuss the initial micro aggression tactics poeple use
  • Review your current protocols on dealing with drug and alcohol affected people
  • Recall a time when you were able to calm an aggressive person using empathy
  • Conduct “trigger testing” on recurring aggression


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