All Aboard the Brain Train

49 Futuristic Positive Leadership Skills for 2020 - Author: Niall Kennedy

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All Aboard The Brain Train is a new book by Niall Kennedy, written especially for those interested in leadership development or cultivating leadership skills for the future.


“This fantastic book on leadership tests what we take for granted. It uncovers what we don’t know or don’t do in a simple, no jargon, no-nonsense sort of way. It has little parables too, which is a great touch. Take the leadership journey with Niall, do the self assessments and discover new leadership traits and behaviours that are easy to adopt.”

Anne Wright

Organisation Development, Northern Health

This leadership capability book helps you map out your strengths and identify areas for improvement, so you can develop a leadership skill-set into a natural mastery of leadership.

Consider this new book to be your loyal and trusted friend, taking you further with your leadership career. Like all great friendships, you will need to be honest and truthful to get the best result.

All Aboard The Brain Train poses hundreds of questions to help you identify your own leadership skills and reveal leadership deficits.

Over 1400 leaders from top private and public organisations were interviewed to uncover the core leadership skills that will be needed by the year 2020. As you absorb these future-oriented leadership development skills, you can intelligently plan your personal areas for improvement, while ensuring you are 100% ready for leadership today and tomorrow.

Great leaders lead and inspire people. Not-so-great leaders cause havoc. Test your leadership capability and read real workplace stories from the front line to learn about triumphs and debacles of leadership in the modern workplace by getting your own personal copy of All Aboard The Brain Train today.

“This book is a collection of the leadership skills required for today’s leader and the leader of tomorrow. As well as providing the reader with a series of skills checks, All Aboard the Brain Train contains an extensive collection of real workplace stories that provide the reader with valuable lessons. It is these stories that highlight the importance of effective leadership skills in the real day-to-day world of work. As well as being a valuable resource for any leader or manager, All Aboard the Brain Train is a must for the learning and development professional.”

Dan Casey
Learning and Development Manager, Medibank.

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