Interpersonal Skills Training

No matter your role, you still have to interact with other people as you go about your job. In most instances you actually have to rely on other people to get your job done! So imagine if you could build rapport quickly, develop strong working relationships and communicate effectively. This program will provide you with the skills and knowledge to […]

Listening And Being Fair

Plan of action How many times in your organisation does a minor disagreement explode into a full-scale dispute? Most disagreements are the result of a perceived value imbalance. This program was designed to give managers better listening skills and the ability to make fairer decisions. This controversial program upsets the applecart. Your people will be challenged and they will learn […]

Motivational Skills and Staying Positive

Have a look at your workforce. If they do not appear content then you are losing productivity. If they are unmotivated wave goodbye to discretionary effort and engagement. Take the test below to see how motivated your team is. How well does your organisation motivate your team? Ask yourself the following: 1. Our people feel valued (if you answer no […]

Policy Writing
Policy Writing

“You need to engage the reader with policy and procedure writing. The reader needs to understand the ‘why’ and the ‘consequences,’ otherwise you’re just treading water.” – P Quinn Some policies are too long and impossible to understand. Other policies are wafer thin and serve no useful purpose. So, if you’d like to improve how your policies are written and […]

Presenting a Professional Image
Presenting a Professional Image

Have a look around your workplace. If you don’t see a well presented group of people then neither do your customers or clients. Program outline Your number one priority – your customers/clients Review of current client service standards: * telephone protocol * meeting at the client’s site * your client’s expectation of the service delivered * communicating with your clients […]

Public Speaking Training Course

Would you like to attend this program? For maximum effectiveness, this program is best conducted as an in-house program. Ideal group size 7 – 12 participants Venue For your convenience, you can choose to conduct this program at your business premises. Alternatively, we can provide a training     venue at a small additional cost Duration This program can be conducted as a one […]

Sizing Up People Successfully

Plan of action Our minds are conditioned as we go through life. Our minds chunk information as a heuristic tool. We make assumptions continuously even though we may not be aware of it. This program helps people move from sizing up people objectively to strategically. People leave footprints and impressions of their values and likely behaviours. Learn this skill and […]

Telephone Skills Training Course

Our phone etiquette training enables participants to handle telephone call more professionally. Our phone skills training helps people to understand the needs of customers and use the phone in an effective way Ask yourself the following about your telephone skills? We give 100% attention to all our calls? We always ask for all the details from the caller before finishing […]

Working Across Communication Silos

This program focuses upon strategies to work across communication silos in your organisation. This program shows you how to communicate to these silos and integrate your people and processes and streamline your communications. Does your organisation have communication silos? 1. We often face interdepartmental disruptions 2. We struggle to clearly communicate across all departments 3. Our departments have become myopic […]

Writing Skills

This program is designed to help participants communicate more professionally through the written word. Businesses make use of various methods to communicate and most of these depend heavily on written schemes. With a lucidly written communication, you can ensure that your message is conveyed correctly to your target audience. Writing professionally and coherently is an important skill for most people […]

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