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Eavesdrop in – Learn about the Communication Skills for Business


The main objective of communication skills training is to help effectively get your message across to other people. The process of communication can only be successful when both the sender and the receiver perceive the message in the same way. Many professionals struggle to communicate their ideas and thoughts effectively both in verbal and written format. Lack of clear communication can cause mistrust and misunderstandings in the organisation. In order to compete in the workplace it is essential to clearly and effectively communicate all messages.

How good are you at communicating?

Ask yourself the following:

  1. I explain my ideas and thoughts clearly.
  2. I understand what other people are saying.
  3. I am interested in what other people say.
  4. I can easily see things from someone else's perspective.
  5. I focus on the issue at hand not at the person.
  6. I listen more than I talk during a conversation.
  7. I believe that most people understand what I am trying to communicate.
  8. I always ask my listeners if they are following my line of thought.
  9. I always ask for clarification and explanation when I don't understand something.
  10. I never interrupt someone when he/she is saying something.
  11. I never jump to conclusions.
  12. I never raise my voice during a conversation.
  13. I always try to put myself in the other person's shoes when communicating with them.
  14. I can resolve problems without losing control of my emotions.
  15. I can easily express my feelings and opinions even when others don't share them.
  16. I am always aware of my listener's expressions and emotional reactions.
  17. I admit and apologise for my mistakes and take criticism positively.

Your Communication Skills program can be custom designed to help participants communicate more professionally through different mediums. The program will provide techniques and strategies that will enable participants to effectively handle difficult situations and communicate more openly with their colleagues.

Key learning outcomes

Our Communication Skills program will give participants the skills to:

  • Professionally communicate with stakeholders.
  • Understand different personality styles and how to match your communication style
  • Explain the benefits of 'actively listening' and 'questioning' skills.
  • Arrange requests that cannot be met, or are outside the scope of your responsibility.
  • Turn difficult customers into opportunities for the organisation.
  • Communicate more effectively with different generations
  • Communicate more effectively with different cultures
  • Resolve conflict by substituting likely inflammatory words
  • Punctuate your communications with pauses and tonality changes and see the difference
  • Communication tips at Performance Reviews
  • Communicate and motivate simultaneously

If you would like more information on this training program, please contact: Melinda Kavanagh - Marketing Manager 03 9805 8000 or visit our website today.

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