Building Relationships Clients Suppliers Flyer

Building Relationships Clients Suppliers Flyer


Here is a training program with 3 unique benefits for building relationships with your clients and/or suppliers

1. You can increase your internal team’s knowledge
2. You can increase your client’s/supplier’s knowledge
3. You can build interpersonal relations with key clients and suppliers

As the process of retaining and gaining clients continue to get more competitive, here is a learning methodology that is win/win and can help to break down communication silos between your organisation and your clients and/or suppliers.

Four Steps to Build Long Term Relationships with your clients and/or suppliers:

1. Choose a training program that will build relationships with clients and /or suppliers.

For example:

Breaking down communication silosManaging multiple tasks and deadlines
Building stronger partner relationshipsSetting network behavioural expectations
Critical Communicating skillsIdeas Generating

Choose from numerous topics of a non technical nature to build longevity with your clients and/or suppliers.

2. Let your consultant know which clients and/or suppliers you would like to invite to this event.
3. Your consultant can organise getting these clients and/or suppliers to your event. Through our network we have a strong relationship with about 70% of medium-large sized organisations in Australia.

4. After the invitation to attend as a guest there are only 2 possible replies and either way you will gain!
i. No can’t attend – there is still a relationship value perception because of the invitation.
ii. Yes, can attend – even better. Your people can build stronger relationships.

5. Developing the people skills with your clients and/or suppliers and adopting a culture of continuous improvement.

You could set a proposed quarterly calendar of training and networking Urge attendees to add value with articles and papers about the topic that you have learnt whereby ideas can be shared. A win/win situation for all involved.





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