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An opportunity to boost the cultural intelligence of your team

Cultural Intelligence (CQ) is the ability to relate to and work across cultures. People wilth higher CQ are usually more successful at blending into diverse environments. People with high CQ can quickly adapt their behaviour to fit with the environment. If you've ever seen a horse whisperer in action, you'll observe how the horse whisperer adapts his posture and mannerisms to the horse. CQ is similar. It's about how you can fit in with different cultures.

This course also explores how our negative reactions to others can be as a result of value systems, projection, transference, personality types, societal differences inbehaviour, cultural norms and conditioning. So here's an opportunity to boost the cultural intelligence of your team.

Key Course Content

  • The macro view of culture
  • Cultural  myopia
  • Cultural labelling and stereotypes
  • IQ + EQ + CQ = CE
  • The changing culture of Australia
  • Benefits of Cultural Change
  • Being a cultural chameleon
  • Appreciative Inquiry on what constitutes a high CQ leader
  • One size fits all communication strategy fallacy
  • The term culture is often misunderstood too