Features of an effective talent Management Programme


Features of an effective talent Management Programme

We often read that human capital (employees) is the most valuable resource in an enterprise. Such capital can be nurtured and moulded to achieve the desired business goals and objectives. Employees are essentially human beings therefore, need thoughtful stewardship. We could say such attitudes always operate in the best interests of the organization. Modern thinking in human resources management has helped to develop talent management systems (TMS). These programs are essentially software packages designed to take care of talent recruitment, performance management, employee learning and development, and compensation management.

Talent management programs are useful in modern enterprises because they help organizations to assess the worth of their employees. High performing employees can be rewarded adequately, while non-performers can be provided with additional training to help them come up. Such actions have a cumulative long-term effect as they save time and resources for the organization and help to identify top performers for rewards and promotions.

Here are a few features of an effective talent Management Programme:

Talent recruitment:

It is the first step in an effective talent management programme. Recruiters have to select, interview and hire manpower that fits the professional and cultural ethos and expectations that underlie every organization. The talent management programme helps recruiters to track every stage of the hiring process in real time. Dashboards are updated and displayed to all the relevant stakeholders inside the organization. Such aspects promote transparency in the hiring process at all times.

Performance management:

It is another pillar of an effective talent management programme. Employee performance is critical to the business success of the enterprise and the software package helps to paint a holistic picture of the work performance of the individual employee. This aspect of talent management helps managers and mentors to plan, monitor, and review an employee’s performance at the workplace. Performance appraisals, key performance indicators, and balanced score cards are among the noteworthy tools that help organizations to assess if employees are contributing positively towards the achievement of business objectives.

Employee learning and development:

It is a significant ongoing concern in most enterprises. Such programs are crafted keeping in mind the individual requirements of an employee, because every employee is expected to contribute to the progress of the organization. It needs a careful assessment of employees’ training and development needs and the designing of relevant development programs (such as work-based programs, on-the-job training modules, the buddy system, computer-assisted instruction, among others). Positive outcomes of such endeavors can go a long way in achieving high employee satisfaction and boosting the bottom line.

Compensation management is the fourth pillar in a talent management system. For an employee, compensation can be both financial and non-financial. Salary, bonuses, commissions, variable pay, and employee stock options are the financial side of compensation. Paid vacations, company-sponsored recreation, recognition and promotion opportunities represent the non-financial aspects of employee compensation. Inadequate compensation management can lead to employee absenteeism, attrition, and job dissatisfaction. Therefore, it is important for organizations to initiate best practices in compensation management at all levels.

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