Contract Management Skills

Contract Management Skills for Local Government

Working with your contractors towards mutual goals is far better then butting heads at every step

The role of the contract manager in LG has changed dramatically. New responsibilities get tacked onto the role with an alarming frequency. So this course was designed to modernise the skill set of contract managers. Participants will also discover how to build better relationships with vendors. These stronger relationships will help buffer the differences that arise in the contract.


This unique course covers the critical skills that contract managers need including consultation advocacy, influence, negotiation and conflict resolution which are critical to the role. The course does not cover sourcing, tendering or writing contracts as it is assumed that the participants already have these skills.

This course was designed as a reflection and action workshop for the contract management team. What’s working well? What could be improved?…

Key Learning Outcomes

At the conclusion of the course:

  • pay attention to the vocabulary that people are using
  • use the GROW model to structure difficult conversations with contractors
  • discuss ways to influence better outcomes in variations to contracts
  • list the most common grievances of contractors
  • map the tangible and intangible characteristics of the perfect contract
  • proactively deal with grievances
  • review the methods of managing conflicts with contractors
  • analyse the value exchange when using contractors
  • discuss the benefits of having stronger relationships with contractors
  • ask your contractors for suggestions to improve the service delivery
  • analyse an influencing and advocacy methodology
  • resist the urge to treat contractors poorly when they make a mistake
  • blueprint your service delivery
  • set behavioural boundaries with contractors

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Target Audience: LG Contract Management teams

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