5 Things Resilient Employees are Doing Great


5 Things Resilient Employees are Doing Great

Have you ever wondered why some employees have perfected the art of resilience, while others crumble in the face of adversity? Workplace resilience is critical in building a supportive team and allowing employees the independence to remain true to themselves.


Here are five things resilient employees know how to do well:

  1. Build Connections. Resilience training begins with building solid support networks. These connections are not ‘yes’ men or women but people who are good listeners, support decisions and give honest feedback.
  2. Manage stress levels. Resilient staff know how to manage their own stress levels and understand that problems cannot always be avoided but must always be handled. Being able to identify problems and effectively work through them helps build resilience.
  3. They are authentic. To build resilience, core values and strengths are often the basis. When an employee has the freedom to be authentic, challenges become a natural part of the work place and handled with honesty.
  4. Stay positive. When an employee is resilient, they know their work is valued and they believe in the company. A positive environment builds inspiration and develops team engagement.
  5. Manage Change. Change can be scary for many people, especially those with low resilience levels. Resilient employees are great at managing change and accepting what cannot be altered while managing what can.

If you need help teaching your staff resilience in the workplace, check out this course – Resilience in the workplace

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