Unpacking Unconscious Bias Training

Unpacking Unconscious Bias Training

If you’re tired of hearing about “think outside the box” then this practical course is ideal.

Biases affect you. Biases operate under the radar and go unnoticed. Biases influence the way you think and ultimately, what you do.


For example, when Stephen was 10 yrs old, he was attacked by a German Shepherd. His children are now also afraid of German Shepherds, even though he has never spoken to them of the attack. They may have picked up on his unspoken messages. Perhaps he pulled them a bit closer when a German Shepherd was walking in their direction. Maybe he tenses when he sees German Shepherds. Unconscious bias can be powerful.

Unconscious bias is essentially an expression of our underlying preferences — these preferences bypass our standard rational and logical thinking. In the workplace, you might have unconscious bias between the sales team and the R&D team. The sales team might be convinced that the R&D team gets in the way of sales, even though they have no evidence. The problem with unconscious bias is that it causes unevenness and instability in relationships before they start.

In this breakthrough course you will learn the dynamics involved in unconscious bias and how to be more aware of your own and others’ unconscious bias. Drawing from recent research and theory, this innovative program will explore how greater awareness of unconscious bias can improve decision making for individuals and organisations.


At the conclusion of this course participants will be able to:

  • Evaluate the impact of unconscious bias on behaviour
  • Describe the difference between implicit and explicit bias
  • Identify how unconscious bias influences behaviour
  • Evaluate the relationship between unconscious bias and decision making
  • Assess the impact of unconscious bias within organisations
  • Identify common unconscious biases
  • Describe how unconscious bias impacts organisational processes
  • Generate strategies to counter unconscious bias
  • Discuss the neurological process involved in unconscious bias



  • Group Size: An ideal group size is 4– 10 participants.
  • Venue: For your convenience, you can choose to conduct this program at your offices. Alternatively, we can provide a venue at a small additional cost.

  • Cost: Upon request.
  • Target Audience: Managers and Staff.

Look at what you receive within 24 hours at no cost:

  • a program outline
  • a bio of a proposed facilitator
  • program cost
  • possible dates (if requested

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