Crisis Management Course


Crisis Management Course

A professional crisis can strike at any time and in any number of ways. How you manage the crisis will determine whether it becomes a major setback for your organisation or a potential opportunity. We provide professional crisis management courses delivered by some of Australia’s most knowledgeable organisation experts. Learn the skills your company needs to prepare for or manage a crisis and even capitalise on a crisis.

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    Key learning outcomes

    Your Crisis Management program will give participants the skills to:

    • Understand the root cause of the crisis
    • Use key tools for managing a crisis
    • Report the crisis accurately in the beginning
    • Explain the type of crisis that exists
    • Predict any potential problems that could aggravate the crisis
    • Understand the importance of contingency planning
    • Analyse and interpret your action plan
    • Discuss the correlation between your crisis and risk management strategies
    • Apply the ARTR strategies for resolving the crisis
    • Ensure the effective flow of communication within the organisation for managing crisis
    • Plan periodic reviews of the operational process
    • Conduct Strategic Thinking and Lateral Thinking – the main foundations of a Crisis Management Plan
    • Develop effective and momentary decision-making skills
    • Build in knowledge loops for similar events

    Course Description

    Need For Crisis Management Course

    There are times when unexpected situations disrupt organisational functionality. This program is designed to give you and your people the skills to deal with a crisis that may occur at any time. Some organisations excel in periods of crisis because their people know what to do. Other organisations implode every time a crisis occurs. Our expert crisis management course will help you and your team prepare for and manage the unexpected.

    How good are your crisis management skills?

    Ask yourself the following questions:

    • Can our people fix unexpected organisational problems?
    • Can our people make fast and correct decisions during a crisis?
    • Can our people read the signals of a potential crisis?
    • Can our people map out a problem which might be intertwined with the organisational processes?
    • Have our people got a proven platform to work from during a crisis?
    • Do we have a culture that acknowledges intuition and interpretation?
    • Do our people know the importance of risk management?
    • Do our people periodically review the operational processes?
    • Do our people set contingency plans?
    • Are our people aware of the different types of crisis that occur in organisations?
    • Do our people know what to say and what not to say?
    • Can our people think on their feet?
    • Do our people have allocated resources for managing a crisis?
    • Are our people aware of service recovery methodologies?
    • Do our people know how to effectively manage anxiety, body language and stress levels during a crisis?

    Would you like to attend this program?

    For maximum effectiveness, this program is best conducted as an in-house program.

    Ideal group size: 4-12 participants.

    Venue: For your convenience, you can choose to conduct this program at your organisation premises. Alternatively, we can provide a training venue at a small additional cost.
    Duration: This program can be adapted to meet your requirements.
    Cost: Price on request.
    Target Audience: Employees, supervisors, team leaders, senior managers or CEOs.

    If you would like more information on this training program, please contact:

    Melinda KavanaghMarketing Manager
    Phone: 1300 323 752

    Whether you’re looking for help with time management, communication techniques, effective leadership skills, conflict resolution skills training, interpersonal or professional development courses or anything in between, we can help.

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    Our Courses Are Available Australia Wide

    We offer in-person Crisis Management Course, programs and workshops run by expert trainers to organisations across Australia. Our programs are available in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and other areas of Australia. If you’re looking for Crisis Management Course “near me”, save yourself some time and contact us today. Wherever you are in Australia, we can come to your organisation or organise a venue for in-person training, workshops and skills programs. Find out what Preferred Training Networks can do for your organisation. Get a free online quote now or give us a call today on 1300 323 752 to discuss your requirements or explore our full range of courses.

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