Advanced Negotiating Skills


Advanced Negotiating Skills

Advanced techniques, the experts use to overcome deadlocks and stop employees giving away unnecessary concessions

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    Key learning outcomes

    At the conclusion of the Advanced Negotiating Skills program, participants will be able to:

    • Recognize success metrics before the negotiation.
    • Accurately hypothesize the MBTI personality types of critical players.
    • Be au fait with the negotiating nuances of different cultures.
    • Feel comfortable negotiating with megalomaniacs.
    • Stretch every concession request.
    • Identify the tricks and gambits the master negotiators play and how to disarm them.
    • Analyse opposition thinking styles.
    • Calibrate a situational precedent scale.
    • Identify the power of fogging.
    • Explain behavioural scientist’s findings on tonality, environment and the role of confidence.
    • Agree and tailor the closing agreement.
    • Critique the feel, felt found style.
    • Creating perceptions of value to tip the balance.
    • Understand how to dismiss opposition ideas without causing offence.
    • Discuss the power of collaborative negotiating styles.
    • Pepper in some NLP communication techniques to build connections.
    • Workshop 3 fogging strategies to break the deadlock.
    • Assess the 4 most common errors in written agreements after a negotiation.
    • Feel comfortable negotiating with psychopaths.

    Course Description

    Advanced negotiating skills are critical if your people are negotiating deals more than $50,000. Behavioural experiments conclude that people who have not mastered the art of negotiation will concede up to 5 times the amount of concessions that a master negotiator will concede. This course was designed to give you the strategies that the master negotiators learn at advanced negotiation training courses. A master negotiating course can run over 2 weeks so fasten your seat belts for an accelerated negotiating skills workshop.

    Participants must have negotiation skills experience to attend this course and it is assumed the basics of negotiating are understood.

    This course is tailored to meet your exact requirements. This course also compares existing team negotiating styles with external negotiating styles.

    Please pick 3 of the case studies/scenarios below which you believe are closest to the negotiating deals which your team encounters:

    • Negotiating with the ATO.
    • Negotiating with very large players (Australian Supermarkets).
    • EBA’s.
    • Daily negotiations with foreign head offices.
    • Negotiating with megalomaniacs and psychopaths.
    • Anticipating stakeholder concerns for very unpopular messages and negotiating better outcomes.
    • Renegotiating prices with existing suppliers.
    • Negotiating with bullies and difficult people.
    • Breaking the pattern of increasing employee expectations.
    • Negotiating new terms and conditions on contracts.
    • Getting the groundwork prepared for a restructure.

    “In business, you don’t get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate”Chester L. Karrass

    Would you like to attend this program?

    For maximum effectiveness, this program is best conducted as an in-house program.

    Ideal group size: 4 – 9 participants.

    Venue: For your convenience, you can choose to conduct this program at your business premises. Alternatively, we can provide a training venue at a small additional cost.

    Duration: This program can be adapted to meet your requirements.

    Cost: Price on request.

    Target Audience: Existing employees who negotiate deals of more than $50,000 & who have previous negotiating experience and are aware of negotiating fundamentals.

    If you would like more information on this training program, please contact: Melinda Kavanagh – Marketing Manager 1300 323 752 Email:

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