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Sales training is a key component of business development. The presence of a highly-competent sales team is essential to generate new opportunities and yield positive business results. This implies that an effective sales training can immensely help an organization to enhance its performance.


As a sales professional, it is essential to upgrade your skills to accomplish your goals. Our sales management training courses are designed to equip sales professionals with skills that will enable them to build relationships and retain clients. If you are eager to hone your sales skills and looking for sales skills courses online, we have the right solution for you. With our sales training courses, you get to learn vital sales skills that will help to develop a powerful sales network.

Sales training courses form a core aspect of the sales world. However, salespeople are time poor. They are measured by sales activity and as such salespeople don’t always like to take a full day or two out of the office for sales training. This series of sales training courses are ideal. Each module is delivered as a one hour block. Early morning or lunch times is the preferred delivery time for sales teams. Participants are always surprised at how much learning can be packed into a power hour of sales training. Have a look at a recent series of monthly consecutive sales sessions. These sessions will be tailored to your specific needs too.

The following series of “power hour” sales courses were designed for a manufacturing organisation with a fleet of salespeople across Australia, New Zealand

1st Session – The Sales Role

  • What is your role as a salesperson
  • What are your responsibilities to your organisation
  • USP investigation
  • Impromptu visit to customers
  • Communicating your USP

2nd Session – The Value Chain

  • Creating Value
  • Communicating Value
  • Exchanging Value
  • Delivering Value
  • Value Mapping for Your Key Customers

3rd Session – Being Customer-centric

  • Are all customers the same
  • Moments of truth
  • Customer service 101
  • Opportunities in stated and unstated needs
  • How can you be more customer-centric

4th Session – Customer expectations

  • How do customers form expectations
  • The impact of over-promising and not delivering
  • The customer’s zone of tolerance
  • Service recovery – What to do when you make a mistake
  • Blueprint of expectation setting with a current customer

5th Session – Improving your sales presentation

  • Formal V Informal sales presentations
  • The quality of tangibles you bring to a presentation
  • Death by PowerPoint
  • The AIDA model
  • Planning your next sales presentation

6th Session – Bigger pieces of the pie

7th Session – Altitudinal Sales

  • Fine-tuning your elevator speech
  • Oozing positivity and a can-do attitude
  • Building other stakeholder relationships
  • Asking for referrals
  • Learned Optimism (Seligman insights)

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