Design Workplace Learning Videos

How To Design Workplace Learning Videos



A workplace video can be a terrific learning tool. You can structure a problem, provide a solution, or explain a concept. Organisations can quickly build a library of useful videos. Because workplace videos are now easy to make and host, the critical ‘preparation stage’ tends to be forgotten. Think of a movie with striking imagery but little structure (Waterworld with Kevin Costner comes to mind).

In this course, participants discover the essential components of scripting. Participants will leverage adult learning principles to deliver engaging video content. By the end of the session each participant will have made their own video.

At the conclusion of this course participants will be able to:

  • Leverage critical adult learning principles for video
  • Make the right first impression (you dont get a second chance)
  • Script your presentation
  • Demonstrate engagement drivers
  • Chunk information for the viewer
  • Storyboard the narrative
  • Paraphrase and reiterate key information
  • Discuss light, shadows, colours, background. What works well?
  • Identify the #1 mistake that technical people make
  • Use engaging words and phrases
  • Set voice tonality and body language
  • Vocal warm-up techniques that actors use to project clarirty and confidence
  • Get rid of the tripod
  • Make a quality learning video
  • Discuss editing technology options
  • Host your video


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