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When you size people up correctly, you have an opportunity to maximise their abilities. When you misfire and get it wrong, all of those opportunities will never be fully materialised. Learn how we speed read people unconsciously.

Plan of action

Our minds are conditioned as we go through life. Our minds chunk information as a heuristic tool. We make assumptions continuously even though we may no be aware of it.

This program helps people move from sizing up people objectively to strategically. People leave footprints and impressions of their values and likely behaviours. Learn this skill and you will have a trust network of value that can be relied upon. Learn how halo effects and similar thinking styles impact character assumptions.

  • How to motivate people to be more compassionate.
  • How to identify basic personality differences.
  • How to read body language.
  • How to speed read people.
  • How to recognise language patterns.
  • How to assess commitment vs compliance.
  • How to know what drives people.
  • How to assess levels of engagement.
  • How to calibrate and interpret behaviour effectively.

"Character is like a tree and reputation like a shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing." - Abraham Lincoln

Did you know . . .

Tall people get paid more per annum People think peers are taller than they are and direct reports are shorter than they are Taller women are more assertive

Key learning outcomes

At the conclusion of this program participants will possess the skills to: