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There are no excuses for ignoring poor performance – just consequences

Performance Management Training

One of the more challenging and difficult tasks for any manager is the Performance Management System.  Performance Management should be about engaging staff around their poor performance. Some managers like to adopt the ignore it and it will go away approach. However, organisational survey data tells us that not managing poor performance is one of the biggest gripes for employees. Let’s be really clear – employees want managers to deal with poor performers. So, what’s the problem? The problem is that the performance management system takes courage, commitment, time and skill to effectively manage poor performance. Too many managers fob off performance management with the excuse that “they have not been adequately trained or they are not fully aware of the organisation's performance management policies or the legal environment. This breakthrough performance management training course ensures managers have no remaining excuses to procrastinate on performance management.

Left unchallenged or managed badly, poor performance will impact on morale, staff engagement and ultimately, performance.  This performance management program will provide your staff with a range of skills and knowledge to better manage and address poor performance. Drawing on current data and using a very practical approach, this program will give you managers the confidence to better manage performance and work towards improved outcomes and productivity. (Please note we can incorporate your performance management system, policy and procedure and any other relevant organisational information into the program.)

Key learning outcomes

Your Performance Management Training program will give participants the skills to:

  • Give regular and effective feedback.
  • Develop strategies to manage poor performance
  • Build rapport to generate trust and manage resistance.
  • Use effective communication techniques to empower others.
  • Understand the philosophy of change management.
  • Manage high performers who can sometimes cause chaos
  • Incorporate evidence-based outcomes in performance management
  • Set appropriate behavioural targets as well as other more quantifiable targets.
  • Address poor performance before it spirals.
  • Create a culture that fosters high performance and high expectations
  • Understand what games people will play to "widen the goalposts".
  • Link reward recognition and feedback.
  • Counter staff that have "quit and stayed"
  • Effectively communicate with people from other cultures.
  • Build self control into performance discussions.
  • Set boundaries with staff.
  • Use motivational techniques to reach objectives – What works and what doesn't?

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