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Permeate (rather than laminate) Your Values through Your Organisation

You might know some organisations that laminate their values on the office walls. Then they rest on their laurels thinking that the values have been embedded. The reality is that they’ve been laminated rather than embedded.
Fortunately most organisations have identified their values. But have your values permeated through the organisation? Would you like to lead with your values? This values based leadership course was designed by an organisational psychologist to promote the seamless flow of your values through your organisation.
How does a person without values behave? How does an organisation without values behave?
So if you want all your people to live and breathe your organisational values then this course is perfect for your managers and leaders. This course will also clarify values since values can be perceived differently.


At the conclusion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Discuss your current values
  • Analyse the stickiness of your values
  • Scan the environment to identify mismatches between behaviours and values
  • Discuss your organisational readiness and maturity to embed your values
  • Associate personal values and organisational values
  • Embed values into workplace expectations and behaviours
  • Give examples where values drove positive behaviours in organisations
  • Seek out actions and vocabulary that causes values confusion
  • Review the values relevance of the “Jingle Fallacy”
  • Choose value leadership to boost existing leadership skills
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