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Coaching is a must have skill for today’s manager. The challenge as a manager is to decide on what sort of of coaching is going to be the most effective. Ultimately, coaching is about performance improvement. Therefore you must be clear about how you are going to coach to achieve improved performance.

The way you coach your team will vary depending on a range of issues and factors including your own strengths, the context, the team’s strengths and the actual work. Sometimes you might need to be a trainer, a mentor, an advisor, an agitator or even a boot camp coach! Whatever the situation you need to have the coaching skills to bring out the best in your team.

In this half day program you will learn how to adapt your coaching style to the situation and the staff member. You will learn how to make better use of your coaching strengths to drive performance improvement. The program will focus on helping you identify what sort of coaching style is required and how to deliver that style.


  • To make the target audience’s experience more interesting and lively
  • To understand the coaching process
  • To set clear expectations
  • To communicate clearly
  • To build in experiential learning activities
  • To transfer knowledge seamlessly
  • To build trust into the relationship
  • To identify and correctly label any required behavioural changes
  • To set tangible targets and behavioural targets
  • To understand the importance of walking the talk

Developing Management Coaching Styles

Module 1
Coaching as a leadership tool

  • Defining coaching as a leadership tool
  • Coaching in the workplace
  • Differences between Directing, Coaching Supporting and Delegating
  • Developing your staff

Module 2
How and what to communicate

  • Getting to the crux quickly
  • How do I know what my staff member needs?
  • Show and tell — leading by example
  • Building rapport and finding the right space for coaching
  • Giving feedback
  • Coaching on the run - when time is scarce
  • Practical case studies

Module 3
Measuring your impact

  • Building in a feedback loop
  • Benchmarking to see if you are in the right direction
  • The 4 tell-tale signs that coaching isn’t working

Module 4
Behavioural Changes to improve productivity levels

  • Setting behavioural change metrics
  • Setting tangible metrics to chart progress
  • Getting buy-in on struggle points

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