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Mentoring MatchUP — A hosted practical option to maximise internal mentoring opportunities

Is mentoring on your radar? Mentoring MatchUP is an ideal tool to improve your internal mentoring. It is very user-friendly, and keeps mentors and mentees engaged in the mentoring program. At a glance, you can see how each mentor and mentee are performing.

Mentoring MatchUP enables your organisation to deliver a robust mentoring program.

At a glance, here’s how Mentoring MatchUP can help you:

  • Identifies willing mentors and mentees

  • Uses a psychometric online tool to fit mentors and mentees

  • Sets up appointments

  • Prompts useful discussions between both parties

  • Resolves any differences quickly

How does it work?

A pilot mentoring program is the first step. The feedback from the pilot can be used to modify subsequent mentoring programs. A typical pilot session would include 10–20 mentors and 10–20 mentees. Ideally the pilot is a representative sample of the organisation.

Mentoring MatchUP Step by Step:

Step 1

Preferred Training Networks seeks expressions of interest from people identified as possible mentors or mentees

Step 2

Mentors and mentees are asked to complete an online psychometric tool for the best fit

Step 3 Mentors and mentees are then paired
Step 4 Appointments are set up between both parties
Step 5

Preferred Training Networks delivers introductory presentation to set mentee expectations

Step 6

Mentors attend facilitated “Train the Mentor” half day course

Step 7

Discussion prompters and articles are sent to mentors and mentees before sessions

Step 8

Coach on standby the day before initial meeting for last minute questions/jitters etc

Step 9

Series of mentoring sessions occurs

Step 10

One-on-One Coaching offered to Mentors (after initial mentoring session)

Step 11

Mentoring ends with evaluations and suggested action plans

"Outsourcing handballs the mentoring to our team. We deal with all the logistics, grumbles and questions."

"You ll find Mentoring MatchUP is a seamless method of delivering a quality mentoring program for your organisation."

Mentoring MatchUp is SCORM compliant. We can host the entire project for you. Or if you prefer we can work collaboratively with you to host the project on your system. To avoid costs, we’d prefer to host the pilot project for you.

Idea: To add some novelty, we could encourage a short reverse mentoring session. The mentee swaps roles for several minutes. Phone Apps and Social media are a couple of examples where reverse mentoring works well.

Mentoring MatchUP benefits

  • Employees feeling more valued and engaged

  • Higher retention levels

  • Improved team culture

  • Seamless transfer of organisational knowledge

Why outsource:

Whilst most people jump on board with enthusiasm, a few will inevitably drag their heels. The people dragging their heels tie up HR resources with an overload of questions and requests. Outsourcing handballs the mentoring to our team. We deal with all the logistics, grumbles and questions. We’ll use our experience to move your heel- draggers to become mentoring champions. Quite often, participants just want reassurance that the Mentoring is both confidential and worthwhile. Mentoring MatchUP also has a mechanism to identify quickly any disputes between the mentor and the mentee. You ll find Mentoring MatchUP is a seamless method of delivering a quality mentoring program for your organisation.

Getting started:

For an obligation free quote, just contact our office. You can also speak to one of our mentoring specialists to share ideas on how Mentoring MatchUp could be tailored for you organisation. We recommend that you start with a pilot session of 10–20 mentors and 10–20 mentees.

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