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Coaching and mentoring offer an array of advantages for organizations and can help them to enhance the productivity of their employees. Coaching and mentoring are widely used by companies to encourage positive changes within the work environment. The right set of self-development courses can help employees to increase their potential and perform better. This also increases their level of confidence and enhances the capacity to positively interact with others. Personal development involves the overall development of an individual and covers social and professional skills.

Encouraging a culture of learning through coaching and mentoring can help a company to accomplish its goals. Employees take an active part in acquiring new skills and spreading knowledge and this enables them to yield great results as a team. Mentoring leads to both leadership development and career development and can enhance the satisfaction level of employees. This leads to a better retention rate for the organisation.

Some of the benefits of coaching and mentoring are:

  • Increases self-confidence
  • Promotes career growth
  • Employees are able to recognise weak areas
  • Enhances problem solving skills
  • Increases job satisfaction

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Preferred Training Networks offers various courses for professional development. Our courses give you the opportunity to learn from the best trainers in Australia. Our facilitators, instructional designers and instructors are referred by the senior management of the top companies in Australia. They possess the expertise to impart key skills that can help your employees and organisation yield positive benefits. Our courses are well-designed to cover all aspects of development. We understand that the training requirement of every company varies. To meet your specific needs, we can tailor our courses and offer solutions that can best fulfil the needs of your company.

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