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Is Generational Jargon causing headaches at your workplace?

There is no doubt that the education system has made giant strides in the last few years. Have you seen the mind-boggling new learning technology in the classrooms and lecture theatres? Yet most leaders and managers concur that numeracy and literacy standards are falling far short of business requirements. This shortfall is leading to miscommunication, misfires and mismatched messages. In this business writing course, participants are given tools and exercises to boost the 3 Rs:Reading, Writing and Arithmetic.Participants critique business expectations and then uncover skill gaps. our business writing course is hands-on and incorporates business exercises and case studies. It should almost be mandatory and will immediately boost the level of communication in your organisation.

How this course helps organisations:

  • Reduce the need for proof reading by senior people
  • Clearer communication to external stakeholders
  • Better communication across all generations
  • More accurate budgeting and forecasting
  • Less miscommunications
  • Decreased ambiguity
  • Less frustration
  • Clearer reports

At the conclusion of this program participants will be able to:

  • Discuss the consequences of generational jargon
  • Recognise the #1 cause of confused and disjointed writing
  • Use powerful active verbs to make their writing come alive
  • Avoid words that cause reader confusion
  • Write with the reader in mind
  • Learn Australian standard referencing techniques
  • Reinforce key messages
  • Practise speed reading
  • Write reports in the active rather than the passive voice
  • Test current knowledge of punctuation, grammar and spelling
  • Gauge numeracy abilities
  • Interpret key business data
  • Use short cuts to test for numerical accuracy.

Would you like to attend this program?

  • This program can be conducted as in-house training anywhere in Australia.
  • Ideal group size: 4 - 12 participants.
  • Venue: For your convenience, you can choose to conduct this program at your offices. Alternatively, we can provide a training venue at a small additional cost.
  • Duration: This program is conducted as a one day course.
  • Cost:Upon request
  • Look at what you receive within 24 hours at no cost: A program outline , a bio of a proposed facilitator, training cost and possible training dates (if requested)

If you would like more information on this business writing course, please contact: 1300 323 752