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Employers and employees continue to be faced with shorter deadlines and immediate priorities. How flexible is your management team? Learn to reduce your lag time when an opportunity arises and stay ahead of the field.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Our organisation is quick to respond when a business opportunity arises
  2. When a profitable niche develops our organisation gets at the head of the field
  3. We have flexible but structured problem solving and decision making systems
  4. Our people are highly motivated and engaged
  5. Our organisation responds very quickly to changing priorities
  6. Our people plan their day even during periods of chaos
  7. Our management team has been trained to identify and communicate with different generations and personalities
  8. We use a sound performance management system
  9. We set clear expectations to all our stakeholders
  10. We have been professionally trained in change management techniques
  11. We do not over-promise and under-deliver
  12. Our people are encouraged to think 'Lean'
  13. Our systems are seamless even during constant change
  14. We have clear role description and we don't have role ambiguity disputes
  15. We manage conflict quickly
  16. We set behavioural expectations for all employees
  17. We have a culture of open communication and break down any communication silos
  18. We provide an excellent service to all our stakeholders
  19. We have a proven service recovery system in place

If you answered No to 5 or more of these questions then this course is ideal for you

Your Adaptable and Flexible Management Styles program will give participants the skills to:

  • Convey empathy to direct reports
  • Actively listen to areas of concern
  • Adjust individual plans to assist the team
  • Use time effectively and juggle deadlines easily
  • Adapt new behaviours in different situations
  • Drive productivity irrespective of any hurdles or setbacks
  • Meet customer expectations every time
  • Break down any communication silos
  • Continuously improve processes to seize business opportunities
  • Set behavioural expectations
  • Practice Calm Leadership no matter how much chaos
  • Test your current performance management methodology for improvements
  • Understand different management styles
  • Be more proactive in reaching strategic objectives
  • Assimilate and interpret data sensibly

Would you like to attend this program?

For maximum effectiveness, this program is best conducted as an in-house program.

  • Ideal group size: 4 - 12 participants.
  • Venue: For your convenience, you can choose to conduct this program at your business premises. Alternatively, we can provide a training venue at a small additional cost.
  • Duration: This program can be adapted to meet your requirements.
  • Cost: Price on request.

If you would like more information on this training program, please contact: Melinda Kavanagh - Marketing Manager 03 9805 8000