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Preferred Training Networks is Australia’s first referred learning network. Our learning network comprises of Instructional Designers, Facilitators, Coaches, Mentors, Key Note Presenters, Consultants and Trainers. All subject experts under our umbrella have been referred by Senior Management from Australia’s Top 500 companies. Preferred Training Networks is an Australian Company.

Whatever business training courses you’re looking for such as, instructional design, train the trainer or any other business training program, you have an extensive resource of professional development courses to choose from. Change management courses, workplace resilience courses, corporate soft skills training, dealing with difficult people, workplace conflict resolution courses are part of the 300+ professional development business courses that are available to you.

With Preferred Training Networks as your partner, you can outsource any learning requirement and be assured of risk-free quality learning solutions that help your people to operate more effectively.



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Our Approch

To fit with your expectations and your culture, we recommend the 5 C’s approach:

Connection: With your permission, the designer would like to contact you before the project commences to share ideas on content and to gather the context

Consensus: Upon consensus we will work collaboratively with you to clarify the deliverables

Customisation: We will customise and tailor all materials to your requirements

Capability Development: The project will give participants proven tools to continuously develop this capability

Change: The ultimate aim is to create a lasting behavioural change


Some of our clients include

Popular Courses

    Time Management Training Course

    “Work smarter…not harder” – Allen F. Morgenstern Looking for a time management course in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth or Canberra? Learn workplace time management…

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    Dealing with Aggressive People

    Aggressive people can be both difficult and dangerous. Aggressive people can be intimidating. Aggressive people are sometimes fuelled with drugs and/or alcohol.

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    Negotiation Skills Course

    Are you on the lookout for a negotiation skills course? The team of Preferred Training Networks will provide you with comprehensive negotiation skills training.

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