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There are currently 12 people employed at Preferred Training Networks and 30 referred trainers in the network.

Management Team

Niall Kennedy

Niall Kennedy (General Manager - Services)

Niall has a Masters of Marketing degree from Monash University and a Civil Engineering Certificate from Ireland. Niall arrived in Australia in 1995 and fell in love with the Professional Development Industry. Niall and his partner have 3 children and Australia is now considered home. Niall has worked in the Professional Development Industry for 15 years with Melinda Kavanagh.

Niall is our creative thinker. He helps the clients build the framework of their Professional Development and will give them plenty of different ideas to consider. As Niall remarks "once the outcomes are agreed, then it's just a matter of putting together the right ingredients to achieve the behavioural change, that will lead to the accomplishment of the outcomes".

Niall's interests include soccer, playing with his children, tennis, comedy, chess and cricket. Golf is his latest passion since Ireland has starred again on the world tour with 3 recent Irish victories.
Melinda Kavanagh

Melinda Kavanagh (Relationship Marketing Manager)

Melinda has a Bachelor's degree in Business Management and a Masters degree in Marketing from Monash. Married to Marc, Melinda is juggling the joys of being a mum to their 2 1/2 year old and working with the team at Preftrain.

Melinda has worked in the Professional Development Industry for 15 years with Niall Kennedy. Melinda's strength is making sure we meet the expectations of our clients. Melinda liaises between all project stakeholders to reach consensus on the agreed professional development outcomes. Melinda remarks that "it's a juggling act since different project stakeholders have different needs and unless we reach consensus on project outcomes the project is doomed".

Melinda's interests include gym, sport, gardening, reading, painting and socialising with friends and family. Melinda loves holidays. Just back from Fiji she is currently planning her next voyage to a surprise secluded destination in the pacific ocean.
Deborah Dear

Deborah Dear (Capability Advisor)

Deborah has been involved in learning for more than 16 years. When Deborah joined the organisation we only had 28 capability development courses. Deborah has helped expand these courses to over 150. A co-author in leadership capability, Deborah can help any organisation optimise their capability development.

Deborah's strength is her questioning skills. "By listening to the client and asking pertinent questions, I can dig down to find the root cause. Then I just need to develop the capability to help the organisation work through the challenge".

Deborah is just back from her trip of a lifetime swimming with humpback whales in Tonga. Swimming within a few metres of giant whales was exhilarating and she's already planning her next trip. Her hobbies include gym, shopping, cooking and gardening.
David Souter

David Souter (Professional Development Consultant)

David has a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Economics from South Africa. He is married to Kathy and has four children who he is very proud of. After emigrating to Australia in 1984 David spent many years working for a USA Fortune 500 Organisation where he held roles as both National Sales and Marketing Director as well as Asia Pacific Director.

Since joining Preftrain in 2008 as a Consultant he has been able to add to and diversify his expertise and expand his passion to now assist Organisations develop and grow through the Professional Development of their Staff. He has been able to combine nearly 30 years of experience in the Corporate arena with his passion in the Learning and Development space. David's interests apart from his family include music, reading, travel and running.