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Gun Toting Teachers
My Timor Cap
Stress Management

Gun Toting Teachers

I got a bit of flak about my newsletter in November. You can view the November newsletter under the FREE button on our website.

Anyway it’s good to get a bit of flak as I don’t think I’d be able to write a newsletter that was devoid of character and controversy. 

The newsletter article that I wrote about was how the gun lobby groups in USA are masters at spin. They can blame anything other than guns. If you remember the “cause” of the previous massacre was the “block trigger”. This time the spin is that armed teachers at school would stop more school massacres. Again this is only a decoy. It’s a deliberate distraction to fill up the airwaves with dribble and put some time and space away from the school shooting. 

So don’t waste a moment debating about whether teachers should carry guns. Don’t pay attention to the decoy. The real conversation that needs to be had gets pushed into the background. The root cause of the problem is the availability of guns. Thankfully Australia is not littered with guns and let’s hope it stays that way. 

Obama used to get visibly upset when he failed and failed again to rein in the gun lobby groups. But there is now a formidable group taking shape as a major force. The children of America might succeed where all others failed. I hope they do.

My Timor Cap

I love my East Timor Cap. My boys went on a school trip to help out in Timor Leste. It was a long 2 weeks without them. But they really enjoyed the experience and got a good insight into the gift of giving. My pressie was a Timor Cap. Probably the most expensive cap ever sold in Timor. One of the boys bought it from a street vendor for US$10. So later they told me about purchasing the cap for $10 and how they probably could have haggled and got the cap for $1.

But then they reminded me of a conversation that we’d had before they left. They’d remembered why they were there in the first place. They were there to try and help out. So they deliberately didn’t haggle as it was a way of giving a man some help and at the same time keeping a person’s dignity. I’m wearing my Timor cap as I type and it’s the best cap I’ve ever been given. It reminds me of love and generosity of spirit. 

Here’s another story that I heard on the radio. This lady was in the queue and in front of her was a young mum and baby. The transaction was taking ages and the lady noticed that the young mum was shuffling the groceries to prioritise her necessities as she only had $20. So for example she was swapping the milk with the apples. Anyway it was obvious that her needs were in excess of the $20 she had. So the lady wants to help out and keep the young mums dignity. So she taps the young mum on the shoulder and says that $50 just fell out of the young mums purse. The young mum was sceptical yet delighted. Are you sure? Yes it fell out of your bag when you had your bag on the counter. So the young mum takes the $50 and pays for all her groceries. Then she bought a packet of cigarettes (only kidding that was just me being mean and ruining a good story). 

So there you go. If any of our readers are going to Bali soon, maybe don’t spend time haggling over the difference of $1. Instead whatever the crazy first price is, purchase it at that price and it might be your most prized possession.

Stress Management

"Stress management" was very popular a few years ago. It's a very good skill to have. Stress Management helps you deal with the ebbs and flows of your working and personal life. Last week we finished the rollout of stress management for a large logistics company.

The HR Director was delighted as the workplace is a little more calm. People are not flying off the handle as much as before. The HR Director even remarked that she’d noticed her customers are a little more relaxed too even though the customers didn't attend the training. I'd imagine that calm is contagious. 

So why don't more organisation run stress management anymore? In my humble opinion they have favoured more positive words like "positive culture" and "optimism" etc. 

I'm sure we'd all like to have a positive outlook more of the time. But what do you do when a few stressors hit you? What tools do you have at hand to keep the stress in check? 

I hope stress management comes back into vogue. It’s probably our best program. Here is a course outline https://www.preftrain.com.au/training-courses/stress-management.php

Why don't you pilot a half day course for a few of your people and see if you can permeate calm throughout the organisation and reduce the stress.