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Hope all is well.  Here's something to read over the coming cold Winter days.

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Award Winning Idiot
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Award Winning Idiot

Well we won an innovative award for designing niche courses. Along with the award came with a "grow your business coaching plan" with a large professional services organisation. So I attended and was looking forward to growing the business with proven tools etc. 

Underwhelmed would be a good descriptor. In my diary notes I wrote "met an idiot".

Now this feller was self assured. He knew the OD industry very well and pointed out our many shortcomings. Of all the analysis figures that he deemed essential, we had only one. Then a bit more bloatage about what he's done etc. Amusingly I had a tiny little stone caught in my sock. I started concentrating on this little stone and I was trying to wriggle it between big toe and second toe. It was quite a challenge and then disappointingly it disappeared somewhere. So with nothing else to amuse me I tuned back into the guru. I figured that there had to be something worthwhile. And then he delivered his wisdom. This is verbatim: 

Guru - Its pretty easy to run a business you know
Me How many have you run
Guru - None, but I've consulted to many
Me - OK then what do I do
Guru Its pretty simple really, You just gather your customers together and you keep sending them offers and communications
Me - Where do these customers come from
Guru - MMMM - You know - MMMMMM
Me - I think you should stay in the consulting business as you are a fool. 

So many business make the same mistake. They out source decision making to fools. I reckon in the last 12 months I've had about 7 mates lose their jobs as a result of the outsourced experts taking over. Maybe its myopic but after meeting Mr. Guru I am confident that nobody knows your business better than you. Here's a cracking good book for Winter reading; "The Pinstripe Prison" written in Australia by Lisa Pryor. She blitzed Uni etc and then joined the professional services and just couldn’t believe the set up. Amusing and hair straightening. 


Back in the day I used to work as a subcontractor. It's a tricky because your future is dependent on the main contractor. If the main contractor plays games like slow payment you’re in a bit of a bind. You’re owed money so it's difficult to jump ship etc. Ask any builder who is a subcontractor, as the building business can be particularly tough. 

Anyway this contractor had a terrible habit of promising extra. The agreement would just about be complete and a promise would be made (for no reason).

Maybe from a building perspective it might be the equivalent of “I’ll send you some flyover pictures of the property”. Now the customer thinks this is great and he’s looking forward to receiving the pictures. But then the contractor gets busy with other stuff and the flyover pictures never materialise.

The customer is unhappy as a promise was broken. So everyone loses.

The unfortunate thing was that the “flyover pictures” were not originally part of the agreement. When the contractor mentioned the “flyover pictures” he sets an expectation in the customer's mind. But if he had never mentioned the flyover pictures, then that expectation would not have been set. 

There's an old saying “loose lips sink ships”. Think of all the expectations that you set. “I’ll be there in an hour” when you’re two hours away.

I’ll get back to you by 2pm today” (when you’ve no intention of). 

In my experience people in organisations set so many expectations unnecessarirly. If you’d like to reel in your organisational expectations, then this course is a cracker.

Managing Expectations https://www.preftrain.com.au/uploads/pdf/Managing_Expectations_Preftrain.pdf


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