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Lines in the Sand of Right and Wrong
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Lines in the Sand of Right and Wrong

I'm listening to the radio whilst driving home from work minding my own business. 

A caller phones up about free to air TV and says that all the people who watch it are fools. Then he singles out "I'm a celebrity get me out of here”. The caller goes off about the show and says that anyone who watches it is a moron. So there I am driving home and I discover that I'm both a fool and a moron. 

But at least I'm not a plonker. The caller is a plonker but I'm not. The problem with the caller was that he drew an imaginary line in the sand  and he's on the correct side of it. Anyone on the other side is a moron and a fool. 

So can I tell you why I watch “I'm a celebrity get me out of here”. It's a pretty safe show to watch with our 9-year old daughter.

There's no swearing. There's a few laughs and a few creepy crawlies. But if you compare that with what else is viewing at that time, I think it's a winner. I'm sorry Mr Plonker that I can't afford Foxtel. 

So your take away is not to draw your little imaginary lines of difference in the sand. Everyone who lives over there is a dropout (no - they’re not).

All the teachers should change their teaching style as they are all useless (Gimmee a break).

All the neighbours hate me (they don't - they're just busy getting on with their lives).

All the managers are incompetent (they aren’t).

So just be careful with these terms "all" "everyone" "should" "nobody".

“Should” is a good example. One of our trainers loves the “should manual” stories. You should do that. You should do this. But you drew the should line in the sand. Why are you are the self appointed compass setter of how everyone should behave? Other people are really under no obligation to have the same “should manual” as you.


Roger was very successful in finance. 

He was a great dad too (2 boys and 2 girls). Couple of holiday homes, private school for the kids etc. Then one of his businesses hit hard times with a dodgy business partner. As he tried to bail out the business, all his other businesses fell over like dominoes. All of a sudden Roger was broke. 

His wife's parents were wealthy and worried about what would happen to their daughter and their grandchildren. The mother-in-law stepped in and kept the ship afloat. But she made Roger pay a heavy price.

Roger would come home and the mother-in-law would be sitting in his favourite armchair. She'd have some of her friends over in his house. As he entered she'd say “oh here's Roger, he's a lucky son-in-law for sure. We bailed him out when he failed in business”. The mother-in-law would stay a couple of weeks at a time. She justified anything that she did in the house as she'd bailed him out. 

Poor Roger is now a shadow in his own house. His extended family are given updates of how much money was needed to bail him out. He said to me that even his eldest teenagers now see him in a dimmer light as the conversation at home are always initiated by the mother-in-law about how lucky they are to have granny and how they got saddled with such a poor dad. Roger is now just a fleeting shadow in his own home. 

I told Roger I'd rather live in a caravan park with a happy family with a soul. The kids might take time to adjust but at least the family would be united. Roger the shadow had a little twinkle in his eye about what could have been and then the shadow faded again. 

So who's got your soul? Don't sell it to the highest bidder. Don't trade your soul. If you have lost your soul then it's possible to retrieve it. You'll definitely need to see a doctor and you'll definitely need some good friends on board. Even if poor ole Roger turns his business misfortunes around, I think he's left the soul recovery too late. So move quickly if you've been peddling your soul.

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