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Micro learning sessions are 60 mins in duration. The audience can be large or small. The ideal outcome is that all the participants walk away with 2-3 practical ideas to use at work

Select your industry and discover what micro learning sessions are currently very popular

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Admin Interpersonal Skills • Discover vocal techniques to be more authoritative with allied health professionals
• Remove ambiguity from patient instructions
• Compose short sharp sentences instead of prose to get your message across to patients
• Understand motivational styles and behavioural cohort styles..
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Dealing with People in Emotional Situations • Communicate with empathy.
• Communicate effectively with medical professionals with key listening and questioning skills.
• Practise active listening techniques.
• Understand the motivations and values of patients and carers.
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Middle Managers Distributing the Workload • Discuss ways to increase capacity and capability
• Use time management techniques to tackle bigger projects
• Create a knowledge sharing culture within health
• Master the art of delegating in a health environment
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Directing Others • Set clear and reasonable expectations.
• Use directive language towards patients and allied health professionals that is unambiguous
• Keep people engaged and motivated.
• Negotiate when appropriate.
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Keeping Your People In The Picture • Remove role ambiguity.
• Keep health staff focused and motivated.
• Ensure your patients feel secure.
• Use proven risk reduction tools to streamline external communications
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Senior Managers Leadership Skills in Health • Discuss the leadership skills that a strong leader possesses
• Understand the benefits of 'active listening' and 'questioning' skills
• Communicate effectively with patients of different generations, cultures and personalities.
• Discuss the principle of leading by walking around.
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Leading Change • How to lead change
• Identify change champions within health
• Communicate the need for change
• Allow people time to get on board the change.
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Directing Others • Set clear and reasonable expectations.
• Use directive language towards patients and allied health professionals that is unambiguous.
• Keep your people engaged and motivated.
• Adaptive leadership styles.
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Mix of the above Employee Engagement Training • Understand the importance of strategy, culture and values within health
• Learn about the link between valuing health staff and professionals, and higher organisational performance
• Why do organisations embrace employee engagement scores
• Administer a balance that supports employee values.
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Dealing with Difficult People • Develop tools to deal with difficult patients
• Respond rather than react
• Become familiar with the motivations of difficult patients and staff
• Set behavioural boundaries.
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Positive Customer Experiences • Build rapport with patients and carers
• Blueprint your existing patient experience
• Manage patient expectations professionally and practically
• Appreciate the patient’s perspective and experience.
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Thinking like a Patient • Anticipate and accurately predict the impact of policies and procedures on patients, carers and other health staff
• Patient thinking styles
• Motivations of carers
• De-clutter the mind and regain perspective and context.
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