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Hidden Observations
Author: Niall Kennedy

This book is a delicate insight into how people and organisations operate.The observations in this book are curated to coax the reader to rethink human interactions. Some of the observations within this book will lead you to make your own discoveries.

This book is very practical and is designed as a relaxing and humorous read. The humour in the book is cleverly peppered in and will help you retain critical insights. This book will certainly help you break free from nurtured and conditioned thinking. The book contains 56 riveting observations about organisations and people.

“The stories in this book help create ideas. These ideas then guide you when workplace challenges occur.”
G. Sambrook, Learning and Development Consultant, Dept of Justice and Regulation

"Riveting reading. Being in HR, I can relate to the scenarios in the book. It’s a very useful reference point, and as a reader you look forward to unveiling the hidden observations. Niall is a tremendous storyteller and he will captivate you, make you laugh and more importantly make you do things more effectively.”
O. Walsh, Head of Talent Development and Diversity, CBRE