VUCA: Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity & Ambiguity

VUCA Training Course Volatility Uncertainty Complexity and Ambiguity

A tried and tested model developed by the US Defence Force to invigorate your organisation

Try the VUCA model to help your organisation to manage change. A tried and tested model develop by US Defence. Works perfectly for organisations to help future proof uncertainty.


When you look at the acronym VUCA, it certainly captures the current environment. This model helps organisations to contextualise and think through the challenges ahead.

Of course, you don’t have all the answers. But you don’t want to be a cork floating in the ocean either. You’ll end up getting seasick and drown in all the decisions that lie ahead.

In this course your facilitator will show you how organisations have used VUCA as a problem-solving tool. The outcome is that your people juggle ideas to solve current challenges. The course can be very challenging for technical people who crave to have all the answers. But using VUCA you don’t have all the jigsaw pieces and you need a leadership vision to reach the end point. The VUCA model clears away some of the fog for the journey ahead. What’s good about this model is that it’s research based and it’s stood the test of time – it is by no means a fly by night model. Sometimes its really beneficial to workshop current challenges against a proven model.


  • Origins of VUCA – US facing known and unknown threats post cold war
  • Volatility – Unexpected challenges for unknown duration
  • Uncertainty – Cause and affect unknowns, doubts
  • Complexity – interconnected parts but sheer volume is overwhelming
  • Ambiguity – New ground, unsure precedents, “unknown unknowns”
  • Making decisions without many answers
  • Getting past procrastination, paralysis by analysis
  • Workshopping VUCA against current challenges
  • Role ambiguity – #1 cause of difficulty in the path ahead – can you remove it?
  • Gathering more information, necessary or delay
  • Big shoulders – carrying the can
  • Feedback – organic learning moulds the vision

Duration: This course is available as a full-day or a truncated half-day course.

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Delivery: This course can be delivered both inperson, at your organisation or venue, or virtually. If you like, we’ll do all the heavy lifting on the tech side. Then, your people simply video/dial in.

Group Size: We recommend a group size of 4-10 people. Peer groups work well, Supervisors, Team Leaders, Managers, or Senior Exec Team.

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