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Sales Training Courses – Do you want to enhance your sales skill?

Our sales skills training enables participants to generate more leads and increase sales performance. Learn sales skills, selling techniques and presentation sales skills at our sales training workshop. Our sales management training course explores those skills required to effectively sell your services, products or concepts.

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    Key learning outcomes

    Understanding the Value Exchange Concept

    • Identifying what exactly your clients/customers value and their perception of value
    • Positioning your value offer
    • Communicating value to your clients/customers

    Identifying your USP

    • Identifying key strengths that differentiate you from your competitors
    • Communicating your USP to influence buyer behaviour
    • Identifying any imitability of your USP

    Lead Generation

    • Understanding where your leads come from and segmentation methods
    • The metrics that should be applied to weight your leads
    • Getting referrals from existing loyal clients/customers

    Questioning Skills

    • Understanding question based selling techniques
    • Understanding active listening and the laddering technique
    • Tailoring the message to fit the clients/ customers needs

    Communication Techniques

    • Communicating with different personalities, generations and demographics
    • Communicating a track record to build trust
    • Communicating value to your clients/customers

    Selling Skills for 101 Financial Services Industry

    • Behaviours of successful sales people
    • Adding value instead of discounting
    • Understanding the AIDA model (over 50 years old)

    Telephone Sales Skills

    • Differentiating your offering over the phone
    • The importance of follow up
    • Metrics of a good sales call

    Email & Proposal Writing

    • Writing tips to grab attention
    • Removing excess blotage from written communication
    • Tailoring your message and identifying common grammatical mistakes

    Buyer Behaviour

    • Understanding your clients/customers decision making process
    • Understanding the psychology of why your clients/customers buy
    • Hedonistic purchasing or fear avoidance purchasing

    Negotiating Skills

    • Planning and preparing for your negotiation
    • Inventing win-win outcomes even if it seems impossible
    • Peppering in tradeables instead of concessions

    Building Trust with Clients/Customers

    • Understanding the 4 biggest drivers of trust
    • Dangers of over-promising and under delivering
    • Building trust into the clients/customers experience

    Referral Business

    • Identifying the people responsible for giving you quality referrals
    • Techniques to get referrals
    • Recency, frequency and monetary guidelines

    Building Rapport

    • Personality profiling your clients/customers
    • Understanding that each client/customer is unique and a one size fits all approach doesn’t work
    • Ice breakers to understand what drives your clients/customers

    Relationship Marketing

    • Making sure what you offer is what the client/customer wants
    • Developing a competitive advantage that can’t be matched
    • Making your services user friendly

    Building Blocks of Loyalty

    • Focusing on the lifetime value of clients/customers
    • The 6 drivers of client/customer loyalty
    • Reducing the levels of profi table client/customer defections

    Client/Customer Relationship Management

    • Understanding what is meant by Client/Customer Relationship Management
    • The importance of a loyal client/customer
    • Techniques to build loyal clients/customers and create brand advocates

    Service Recovery

    • Understanding why service failure occurs
    • Understanding the clients/customers zone of tolerance
    • Effective strategies for service recovery

    Benefits vs. Features

    • What are the benefits that clients/customers value
    • Selling techniques that emphasise on benefits rather than features
    • What is the Benefit Selling Model

    Value Added Services

    • What are your value added services
    • The different techniques to create value
    • Increasing repeat purchase behaviours

    Course Description

    Sales Training Workshop

    This workshop will help you acquire those tools to assist you in the sales process and ensure success. Increase your effectiveness and develop your sales talent with our sales management training course. Become skilled at creating opportunities to sell more effectively and generate a sales culture that delivers. Become skilled at identifying sales prospects and communicating product benefits and features. Learn how to become expert at building rapport and relationships with prospects.

    You’ll also learn some proven sales models from peer reviewed academic papers. Learn about buyer behavior loyalty and proven methods to recover after a perceived service failure. Get inside the minds of your stakeholders and learn how they make decisions and how to influence these decisions.

    You’ll also gain some insights from Peter Drucker, the management guru. You’ll see your customers in a completely different light and you’ll learn proven sales skills methodologies. This sales skills seminar is not to be missed.

    Sales Management Training course

    At the conclusion of your sales training seminar the management team is invited to attend the last part of the day. Together the management team and the sales force will agree an action plan to boost sales and profits from the very next day.

    Download the Sales Skills full course outline and submit your training request online.

    The training process in eight easy steps:

    1. Decide which blocks of sales skills best fit the needs of your managers: The content of The Building Blocks of Sales Skills(TM) training program is the decision of the client. Simply put together the building blocks that you consider most valuable. Each block can be conducted in an hour or a day depending on your specifi c needs. You decide how many blocks of sales skills you would like to fit into each day.
    2. Pre-program exercises: Participants are provided with relevant articles and case studies two weeks prior to the program commencing. Discussions during the training program will relate to these topics.
    3. Delivery of training program: Delivery of The Building Blocks of Sales Skill(TM) training program.
    4. Executive summary management briefing: Following the training program the trainer will be available to provide a summary of key learning outcomes to participants’ managers.
    5. Addendum learning journal: A learning journal will accompany every workbook. Participants will be encouraged to make note of creative solutions to address relevant work issues.
    6. One-to-one coaching: Approximately three to four weeks after the program, a business coach will contact each participant to monitor their progress and provide some specific ideas to address any issues.
    7. Measuring the results – Retention, Application, Impact, Training/learning index (RAIT – TM): RAIT (TM) is a valid and reliable learning assessment tool which produces a return on your investment, on any training program delivered. Developed by Dr Stanley Rodski, a neuropsychologist, this measurement system enables identifi cation of training which exceeds, meets or falls short of learning expectations.
    8. Smart additional learning: Individuals learn in different ways. An additional learning tool will be sent to each participant after the training program. All tools are complimentary and will be pre-approved by your learning team. Tools are selected that are likely to create a behavioural change in each participant, for example, articles of interest and reference materials such as Dale Carnegie’s ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’.

    Team Building

    • Rewarding individual and team targets
    • Dealing with poor performance
    • Setting achievable goals

    If you would like more information on this training program, please contact us at 1300 323 752 or Email:

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    Australia-wide training courses and workshops

    At Preferred Training Networks, we provide both in-person and online training programs for a wide range of organisations across Australia. Our Sales Skills Building Blocks is run by experienced, qualified experts and tailored to the needs of your business and your employees. Our leadership and management education courses are designed to help your team thrive and develop valuable skills that can transform your workplace.

    With programs available in Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane and other areas of Australia, we’re able to help businesses across the country create lasting behavioural change and provide them with the tools they need to reach new heights. If you think your business would benefit from Sales Skills Building Blocks and the help of our professional coaching network, take the first step and contact our team today. Wherever you are in Australia, our coaching program can either come to your organisation or we organise a venue for your convenience. Find out what our training, workshops and skills courses can do for your business and reap the benefits for years to come.

    Get your free online quote right now or give us a call on 1300 323 752 to find out more about Preferred Training Networks and discuss your requirements with us.

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