Moving the Responsibility of Learning to the Learner


Moving the Responsibility of Learning to the Learner

Discover how to transfer the responsibility of learning from L&D to the learner. The days of L&D setting up training events for people to not attend are coming to an end. The L&D/OD people are now becoming more “Performance Consultants”. Learning is becoming more orchestrated and sophisticated. In this presentation, participants will be challenged.
Where is your organisation currently in the L&D space? Are your people ready to shift to “performance consulting”? Are your learners currently accountable? What are the consequences of not learning new skills?

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    Key learning outcomes

    At the conclusion of this short presentation, participants will be able to:

    • Assess level of readiness to shift accountability to the learner
    • Discuss the relevance of 70:20:10
    • Explain the role of learning technology and asynchronous learning.
    • Describe the role of L&D within a 70 20 10 framework
    • Understand the relevance and prevalence of Connectivism for organisations
    • Identify opportunities for Performance Consulting

    Course Description

    The 4 models covered are:

    1. 70 20 10
    2. Performance Consulting
    3. Blended Learning
    4. Connectivism

    Here’s a quick overview of the presentation:

    Moving the accountability of learning to the learner
    Staff love to highlight “lack of training” on their exit surveys. But it’s fair to say that they need to shoulder some of the responsibility. They often treat Training Needs Analysis as a tick box exercise. They complain that they need some upgrades. And quite often they don’t even bother to show up on the day of the training. Now there is a trend to make the learner accountable. The L&D team will act more like a performance consultant than a training organiser. In this presentation you’ll discover your organisational readiness (and maturity) to shift the accountability of learning.

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