Lean Thinking Styles to Reduce Waste and Gain Productivity


Lean Thinking Styles to Reduce Waste and Gain Productivity

One of the leanest industries in the world is the manufacturing industry. Competition is fierce and cost cutting is an embedded culture. Australian services organisations also face huge costs and are constantly faced with the challenge of cutting costs without decreasing the high quality of services to customers and clients.

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    Key learning outcomes

    In your pre workshop your presenter can give you a quick overview of the following topics:

    • Continuous improvement.
    • Critiquing Total Quality Management.
    • Client’s needs and expectations.
    • Process Understanding & Improvement.
    • Lean terminology as a process improvement tool.
    • Orbiting around your role and organisation.
    • Increasing lean awareness in the organisation.
    • Lean supply chains to save money.
    • Critical knowledge and removing role ambiguity.
    • Standardised work.
    • Appreciative inquiry.
    • Retaining valuable staff.
    • Lean production methods.
    • Waste identification and how to reduce it.
    • Visual Management Techniques.
    • 5 why’s.
    • Managing change.
    • Managing peoples’ response to change.

    Course Description

    Choose from the best cost reductions methodologies in the world

    Applying lean thinking training in the services industry has grown globally. Many current services organisations use some lean processes to deliver better quality outcomes to their clients/customers and improved working conditions for staff.

    Lean thinking was pioneered by Toyota after World War II. A few years later it required less than half the human effort, half the manufacturing space, half the capital investment and a fraction of the downtime. while making a wider variety of products and services at lower volumes with far fewer defects. In essence Lean is a business system for organising and managing the development of products and services.

    This program gives your team an overview of lean thinking. It allows you to choose the best service quality options for your organisation. Your people will be given ideas that they may never have considered before. Lean thinking courses deliver a behavioural change to improve quality.

    How does it work?

    It is a simple 3 step process:

    Step 1

    A one-hour pre workshop with your team to understand and choose the best lean thinking concepts to discuss at the main workshop

    Step 2

    An in-depth facilitated workshop to apply lean thinking to your organisation

    Step 3

    Post workshop to measure the strength of new systems and processes

    Before the workshop, your senior management team meet (as a group) with a subject expert for an hour to discuss world’s best cost reduction tools methodologies and paradigms. Your facilitator will give your team an overview of some lean thinking concepts on the next page. As a group you decide the modules that would be most useful to learn about. The pre workshop is very useful to create buy-in and generate ideas for the main workshop. We’d also recommend a follow up module to ensure any new processes are working.

    You then choose which topics you would like to learn more about and application methodologies to your organisation.

    How does Lean help the Services Industry?

    Lean thinking and processes can help you with the following areas of concern that your people may perceive within the Services Sector:

    • Uneven work flow.
    • Dealing with and resolving customer complaints.
    • Capacity constraints.
    • Identifying missed opportunities.
    • Removing chaos and crisis management.

    For more information on this training program, please contact: Niall Kennedy – 1300 323 752 Email: nkennedy@preftrain.com

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