How To Engage Your Audience


How To Engage Your Audience

No matter what the subject is!

This training program is unique in Australia. Sometimes you might be required to organise a presentation that at a glance looks relatively dry.

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    Key learning outcomes

    Here are some courses that our presenters have delivered recently.

    • Redundancy legislation – Everything you need to know in 3 days
    • Adding value to the contracts process
    • Identifying positive and negative emotions in your industry
    • How to Speed read the Fin Review

    Course Description

    This program is designed to give your people tips that the experts use to engage an audience in any subject. Would you believe that How to Speed read the Fin Review is one of our most popular presentations?

    Who should attend?

    This program is ideal for people who need to make presentations on seemingly dry topics. It’s perfect for anyone who has to deliver presentations. Don’t forget your sales team too, as some of their presentations may need a bit more audience engagement too.

    Action Plan

    • To make the target audience’s experience more interesting and lively
    • To understand the engagement drives of an adult audience
    • To make dull information interesting
    • To understand how to communicate by using NLP
    • To build experiential learning activities into your program
    • To inject fun and excitement without the cringe factor
    • To set a positive and contagious mood
    • To build creative breaks and challenges into the day
    • To measure the impact beyond those happy sheets
    • To make the training a memorable experience for your audiences

    Module 1 Getting Started

    • Using NLP skills to capture attention
    • Learning from the tricks of actors and film makers – dramaturgy
    • Using story-telling as your way of get everyone to participate

    Module 2 Building in engagement drivers

    • Perceptions of you are made very quickly
    • Learning tools that you can choose to use
    • Contagious mood – your mood in front of a group is power!
    • 4 styles of acting in a group/team – Expressive, Driver, Analytic, Amiable

    Module 3 Measuring your impact

    • Metrics to decide if the training was interesting
    • Questions you need to include in any evaluation
    • Omitting lone remarks from statistically significant feedback
    • Assuring your organisation that the training is valuable

    Module 4 Attention grabbers the experts use

    • The power of questions and trusting the group
    • Push and Pull – which style should you use
    • But I’m not a presenter – tools to use as a facilitative leader

    If you would like more information on this training program, please contact: Melinda Kavanagh – Marketing Manager 1300 323 752 Email: or visit our website today.

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