How to Eliminate Empty Chairs at Training

How to Eliminate Empty Chairs at Training

Every empty chair represents a missed opportunity and a cost.

The training is booked, the training room is ready to go, and all you need now… participants! Some organisations have waiting lists for internal courses, while other organisations struggle to even get a handful of people to attend a training course. So what’s different? What internal marketing skills and influencing skills are they are using to fill their training sessions?


Discover how to fill your training sessions to capacity. Wave goodbye to no-shows and last minute cancellations. Discover proven expert tips and techniques to eliminate empty seats at your training sessions. Develop your internal marketing skills and you’ll see your participant numbers escalate. Instead of no-shows you’ll have waiting lists. You’ll also learn how to morph into an internal consultant.


At the conclusion of this course participants will be able to:

  • Develop a more effective consulting role
  • Develop a culture for your training
  • Transition from organising training to consulting internally
  • Identify your REAL client
  • Unearth the root cause of the problem when people request training
  • Reinforce that participants have made the right choice
  • Understand how to build commitment
  • Establish a thirst for training
  • Gain greater management and senior leadership support
  • Build in metrics of success
  • Develop your influencing skills
  • Leave clues of success from previous participants
  • Extend your ‘kit bag’ of proven change interventions, techniques and processes for bringing about organisational change

“Discover proven expert tips and techniques to eliminate empty seats at your training sessions.”



  • Group Size: An ideal group size is 4– 10 participants.
  • Venue: For your convenience, you can choose to conduct this program at your offices. Alternatively, we can provide a venue at a small additional cost.

  • Cost: Upon request.

Look at what you receive within 24 hours at no cost:

  • a program outline
  • a bio of a proposed facilitator
  • program cost
  • possible dates (if requested)