Homing From Work

You’ve heard of “Working from home”, but have you heard of “Homing from Work”? “Homing from work” can be time consuming. Employees who home from work don’t like any work tasks to get in the way. Maybe it’s time to communicate that “homing from work” is over and has been replaced with “working from work”. Set the example. If people see the managers homing from work, they are far more likely to follow suit.

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    Key learning outcomes

    At the conclusion of this course participants will be able to

    • Ensure people get their actual job completes
    • Use performance management to structure roles
    • Communicate that homing from work is not acceptable
    • Discuss the mental trade-offs employees make to compensate for homing from work
    • Explain the controls that will be put in place
    • Be aware of the games people play to home from work
    • Evaluate that people are actually doing what they claim

    Course Description

    Be vigilant with social media. Some employees are probably addicted and will spend all day on social media if they can. Check performance – For example, somebody might tell you they’ve been flat out on the project since last week. Ask them to demonstrate to you the actual tasks that have been completed in the week.

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