Delivering Mission Critical Projects Training


Delivering Mission Critical Projects Training

Ever lost a critical project to an immovable process? Can you think of a project that was flowing seamlessly and then hit a brick wall? This is not a project management course. It is assumed that the participants have a strong understanding of Project Management. This course tackles the tricky behaviours around projects that can be the difference between project success and project failure.

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    Key learning outcomes

    Quick Overview of Project Management Fundamentals
    • Project Management 101
    • Beyond Prince2 & PMBOK
    • The cost of failure
    • Critical Path revisited
    • Agreeing that this is not a traditional project management course
    • (everyone should have the fundamentals well and truly under their belt)
    Matrix Management
    • Managing the matrix
    • Behavioural and blurred reporting lines
    • Overcoming stalemates
    Broad Scanning
    • Likely internal and external speed bumps
    • Hypotheticals
    • Anticipating pushback from HR, IT Procurement’s and other Depts
    • “Top of Mind” strategies
    Behavioural strategies
    How to manage the project
    • Building key relationships
    • Avoiding locking of horns and stalemates
    • Project motivators
    • Admitting a weakness
    • Project Service Recovery Strategies
    • Communicating success

    Course Description

    Surely it makes sense to scan the behavioural environment and anticipate what challenges are on the horizon. Don’t let your critical mission project get stuck. Take your project team 15,000 feet above all the hurdles and plan the delivery and execution of your mission critical project.

    Participants examine the processes and behaviours that hinder critical projects. Using a proven problem solving model, you’ll also learn how to flatten unnecessary speed humps. Too many project teams think their project is more important than everyone else’s project. Your mission critical project may be someone else’s “who cares project”. Designed by an organisation psychologist, this course should almost be mandatory for project teams delivering mission critical projects.

    • Identify common organisational speed bumps
    • Evaluate how speed bumps impact on effectiveness
    • Anticipate and clarify resistance from IT, Procurement, HR, and other Departments
    • Develop strategies for bypassing and flattening speed bumps
    • Understand the relationship between processes, systems and behaviour
    • Develop compelling arguments to counter resistance
    • Discuss strategies of manoeuvre, need to know, counter, concession trade, influencing and more
    • Implement wider circles of influence across the organisation
    • Breathe new life into a project that is about to fail (Four Project Recovery Strategies)
    • Reduce the impact of silos within the organisation
    • Put yourself in the opposition’s shoes to understand opposition thinking styles
    • Improve internal networking skills
    • Work more closely with process driven departments and individuals



    The Sales team were shining as they produced their Sales and Marketing Plan. They had worked tirelessly to uncover niche opportunities. They identified 2 new services that needed to be added to the value proposition.

    The offer of a bundled service was unique and the expected return in the first 3 months was over $5,000,000.

    Developing the new services was outsourced despite the protests from the Marketing Manager. The first meeting with procurement went well. The second meeting got bogged down in process. The 15th meeting started moving the project backwards. The eventual rollout of the bundled service was not integrated and became an embarrassment. The procurement process has sacrificed service quality for price and the sales people lost a niche opportunity and the project ended in complete frustration.

    • What could have been done differently?
    • Was the resistance anticipated?
    • What strategies could have been used to get past this hurdle?


    The HR Manager knew that the organisation would benefit from an online Learning Management System. It was simple – one platform that would provide easy access to online courses, an up to date record of training and one central repository for development plans. The business case was done, a couple of providers had been flagged and the HR Manager only needed to speak with IT to get a better idea of the technical specs, no problems. Late Friday afternoon the HR Manager received an email from the IT Systems Consultant containing the 25 page specs document and a note about the requirement to start the process with a needs assessment followed by a validity review and how this could all be done within 12 months. The HR Manager deleted the business case document!

    • How was the LMS positioned in the minds of other stakeholder’s?
    • How did IT perceive the LMS?
    • Was this the most important project for the IT Department?


    Group Size: An ideal group size is 6 – 10 participants

    Venue: For your convenience, you can choose to conduct this program at your offices. Alternatively, we can provide a venue at a small additional cost.

    Duration: This course can be adapted to fit with your timeframe.

    Cost: Upon request.

    Target Audience: Project Teams Responsible for Delivering Mission Critical Projects

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