Coaching for Mutual Results


Coaching for Mutual Results

Here is a chance to fine-tune the direction of your key people. Its not unusual in the workplace for people to be pursuing different outcomes. You certainly want to avoid people counter-pulling. This is also a great opportunity to remove role ambiguity. Coaching for Mutual Results utilises the GROW models and is structured to deliver measurable outcomes.

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    Course Description

    At a glance, here’s what “Coaching for Mutual Results” looks like:

    • Structure session with the coach, manager and person being coached
    • Goals set for the coaching process
    • Measurable action steps identified
    • Wrap up session with the coach, manager and person being coached
    • Review of goals accomplished and continuity steps
    • Choose your Coach (see below)


    SuzanneSuzanne (B.A. Hons-Ind Psych; B.A. Hons Psych; MA, MAPS) has 18 years experience in training and coaching both internationally and within Australia. She is a specialist in emotional intelligence and has worked extensively within the health sector. Organisations she has worked with include Northern Health, Austin Health, Frankston City Council, Dept of Defence, ANZ, Dept of Health, Melbourne Health Suzanne’s coaching experience covers the entire spectrum of coaching and support services. Her coaching approach is informal yet structured around the GROW model.


    AndrewAndrew (BA Manufacturing Engineering, Diploma Chemical Engineering, Part Masters Organisation Dynamics) is an internationally experienced business consultant focused on organisation effectiveness. He has over 20 years experience consulting and coaching to major corporations across Asia Pacific. Organisations that Andrew has helped to become more effective include DHS, Medibank, AXA, ATO, Bass Coast Shire, Fosters Group, Kraft SE Asia, Johnson and Johnson, Spotless, Parks Victoria, Safety Council Australia, IZAZI, RMIT Andrew’s coaching style is engaging and thought provoking. Andrew prefers the GROW coaching model.


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