Accountability in the Workplace Course

Accountability in the workplace is about fulfilling a commitment and is integral to the success of an organization. In the absence of accountability, the business may end up functioning poorly. There would be a deterioration in the standards of performance and decline in the quality. These issues may emerge as a major threat towards the smooth functioning of a business. […]

Business Report Writing Skills Training Course

Improve internal and external reports with critical business report writing skills. A truly unique report writing course. To produce professional reports that people want to read, your business reports must be consistent, brief, clear and concise. Effective business report writing can be subjective. You might have switched roles or departments and suddenly your reports have been re-calibrated from excellent to […]

Communicating Under Pressure Training

Good communication is often sacrificed as people rush around pursuing unfinished tasks. Communicating under pressure requires confidence. It is a skill which can enable you to deliver your message clearly even in the most difficult situations. Looking for a course to enhance your communication skills in the workplace? The ability to communicate effectively with others is a key skill and […]

Communication Skills

Importance of Communication Skills Lazy communication is rife. People are trying to communicate in as few words as possible. It’s as if we’re too busy running around in circles to take time to communicate with one another. This communication skills training course is designed to step your organisation through proven methods of communicating clearly. Professional communication does now sway and […]

Critical Conversations

Plan of action At some stage we all have to engage in a conversation that can be both difficult and controversial. ‘How to have critical conversations’ is a program designed to equip you to resolve critical issues and accelerate performance What are Critical Conversations? A discussion between people when: The stakes are high. Opinions vary. Critical thinking is imperative. Emotions […]

Telephone Skills Training Course

Our phone etiquette training enables participants to handle telephone call more professionally. Our phone skills training helps people to understand the needs of customers and use the phone in an effective way Ask yourself the following about your telephone skills? We give 100% attention to all our calls? We always ask for all the details from the caller before finishing […]

Working Across Communication Silos

This program focuses upon strategies to work across communication silos in your organisation. This program shows you how to communicate to these silos and integrate your people and processes and streamline your communications. Does your organisation have communication silos? 1. We often face interdepartmental disruptions 2. We struggle to clearly communicate across all departments 3. Our departments have become myopic […]

G3 Interpersonal Skills For 3 Different Generations

There is abundance of evidence that the number one issue in most workplaces stem from a communication issue. There are now 3 distinct generations in the workplace and they each have different generational communication styles. Communication tips for different generations You simply can’t have a one size fits all communication approach. Different generations will interpret your message differently. If you […]

How to Write a Business Case

Your business cases should also indicate the risks and the alternative costs including the cost of doing nothing. This course is ideal for people who would like to improve the quality of their written business cases. Participants will learn the eight key components of writing an effective business case. State the proposal Outline the consultation process Quantify the costs and […]

Interpersonal Skills Training

No matter your role, you still have to interact with other people as you go about your job. In most instances you actually have to rely on other people to get your job done! So imagine if you could build rapport quickly, develop strong working relationships and communicate effectively. This program will provide you with the skills and knowledge to […]

Writing Skills

This program is designed to help participants communicate more professionally through the written word. Businesses make use of various methods to communicate and most of these depend heavily on written schemes. With a lucidly written communication, you can ensure that your message is conveyed correctly to your target audience. Writing professionally and coherently is an important skill for most people […]

Presenting a Professional Image
Presenting a Professional Image

Have a look around your workplace. If you don’t see a well presented group of people then neither do your customers or clients. Program outline Your number one priority – your customers/clients Review of current client service standards: * telephone protocol * meeting at the client’s site * your client’s expectation of the service delivered * communicating with your clients […]

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