Negotiation Skills Course

Negotiation skills training courses allows you to quickly learn effective negotiation and influencing skills. Negotiation skills help you to be better prepared to apply effective negotiation skills, techniques and strategies in order to achieve desired outcomes. We have all been involved in situations that required us to negotiate whether at home or at work. Most […]

Oligopolistic Negotiation Skills

Have your people been specifically and professionally trained to negotiate with these organisations? These organisations are often brutal negotiators. Learn how to reduce their perceived bargaining power. Learn how to win profitable concessions. Learn how to be perceived as a valued partner. Don’t let your profit margins get slaughtered anymore. How good are your negotiation […]

Resilience Training Course

Workplace resilience is critical. Use a proven workplace resilience framework to optimise personal resilience skills and discover how to make staff more resilient in the workplace. Your resilience in the workplace training course will help employees roll with the ebbs and flows of working life. Developing workplace resilience helps employees bounce back and manage their reactions […]

Homing From Work

Be vigilant with social media. Some employees are probably addicted and will spend all day on social media if they can. Check performance – For example, somebody might tell you they’ve been flat out on the project since last week. Ask them to demonstrate to you the actual tasks that have been completed in the […]

Sales Skills Building Blocks

Sales Training Workshop This workshop will help you acquire those tools to assist you in the sales process and ensure success. Increase your effectiveness and develop your sales talent with our sales management training course. Become skilled at creating opportunities to sell more effectively and generate a sales culture that delivers. Become skilled at identifying […]

Conflict Resolution Skills Training Course

Conflict resolution training, why is it so important? Dealing with conflict at work can lead to reduced productivity and can snowball into resentment and bitterness. Workplace conflict usually occurs when people have opposing beliefs, ideas, needs, perspectives or goals. Workplace conflicts should be resolved quickly before they fester and grow. Dealing With Conflict In The […]

Advanced Negotiating Skills

Advanced negotiating skills are critical if your people are negotiating deals more than $50,000. Behavioural experiments conclude that people who have not mastered the art of negotiation will concede up to 5 times the amount of concessions that a master negotiator will concede. This course was designed to give you the strategies that the master […]