More With Less

Ask yourself the following: Our processes are lean and are constantly improved. We set aside time every day to plan the next day’s activities. We set clear priorities and work on the most important things one at a time. We meet deadlines and expectations. We do not fire-fight through our tasks. We have very clear […]

Managing Uncertainty At The Workplace

How good are you at avoiding uncertainty? Ask yourself the following questions: We communicate often with the employees to keep them informed of how the change is being implemented. We have a communication plan of more than 2 pages. We always explain the effect of change to our team. Our people can read the signals […]

Debt Negotiation Course – How to Get Paid Quicker

In the midst of economic crisis, the need to communicate with difficult debtors is becoming more common in the marketplace. In order to achieve maximum debt recovery, an appropriate strategy outlining key processes and skills needs to be embedded. By developing existing collection skills employees will become more confident, assertive and motivated to obtain more […]

The 7 P’s of Higher Performance

Plan of action The 7P’s of Higher Performance program gives participants a toolkit of ideas and practical skills to apply to their daily tasks. By utilising these skills, your people will be empowered to easily accomplish and subsequently stretch their performance targets. 1. Planning – Fail to plan and plan to fail. 2. Prioritising – […]

Territory Management Training Course

Is your team maximizing the sales in each sales territory? or are they just visiting your customers to get repeat orders? A key technique to enhance sales performance is by improving the ability of your sale’s team. Our territory sales management training course is designed to enable participants to adopt a better approach towards their […]

Team Building Skills

Teams can only work effectively if team goals are aligned with organisational objectives. Often, teams do not achieve high levels of productivity and building a high performing team requires a lot of work and training. If the team isn’t productive, managers often blame personalities within the team rather than the fact that the team has […]

Succession Planning And Talent Management

Plan of action What does the research tell us? Only 50-60% of organisations have a succession process or plan in place. 94% of organisations have not adequately prepared leaders to step into critical positions. Organisations not using a succession plan do not have a competitive advantage. Learn how to design and implement an effective Succession […]

Stress Management

Stress can have a physical and emotional impact by creating positive or negative feelings in our daily lives. What is stress management? Stress can have a physical and emotional impact by creating positive or negative feelings in our daily lives and in the workplace. Mild levels of stress can often be positive by acting as […]

Story Telling

Here is a quick exercise Put together some PowerPoint slides about your company, your clients, the year you commenced business and your strategic direction. Now show it to your employees and note them drifting in and out of consciousness. They will be bored and uninspired. As an alternative, tell a story about your company, why […]

Social Media Marketing 101

With the continuing growth of social media marketing, it is critical to help all your people learn to leverage this opportunity. If you wish to equip your people with the skills of Social Media Marketing 101, our course is ideal. This training program is designed to build levels of interest in your organisation’s products, services […]