Dealing with Difficult People

At some point in your career you will find yourself dealing with difficult people. Sometimes you’ll be dealing with difficult internal people. Other times you might be managing a difficult customer. Whether it’s your direct manager, a team member, a colleague or even a customer, difficult people can be tricky, challenging and draining. Too many […]

The 8 Footprints of Excellent Customer Service for Franchises

In the franchise industry, customers form perceptions of brands through interactions with franchisees and head office communications. Franchise customers like conformity and should always receive integrated messages. Customers become alarmed and “vote with their feet” when messages between head office and franchises are not congruent. Within the franchise industry, excellent customer service is a competitive […]

Presentation Skills Training Course

Effective Presentation Skills Learn how to deliver an effective business presentation that will bring about the results your organisation is looking for. Learn to structure your presentation to meet the audience’s expectations. Learn how to engage the audience no matter what the subject is. Presentations are often used as a formal method to plan and progress any […]

Positive Customer Experiences

Setting positive customer experiences is a science and is proven to boost stakeholder engagement levels and simultaneously increase brand loyalty levels. Discover innovative ways to positively change your customers experience and interaction with your organization. Positive customer experiences – Who does them well? The local ice cream store – Have you noticed that delightful aroma when you […]

Managing Client Expectations

Action Plan How to develop rapport with clients. How to find out what they expect from you and your organisation. How to ensure what you deliver is what the client expects – this is not easy. What to do if you think the client is going to depart and join a competitor. Understand the psychology […]

High Performance Work Practices (HPWP)

What are the benefits of high performance work practices? Having a win-win relationship for employees and employers Increasing employee productivity in the long term Developing effective employee performance measures Implementing incentives for employees that work Creating a positive organisational culture Agreeing retention techniques for talented employees Targeting and selecting ‘organisational fit’ people Creating an environment […]

Telephone Skills Training Course

Our phone etiquette training enables participants to handle telephone call more professionally. Our phone skills training helps people to understand the needs of customers and use the phone in an effective way Ask yourself the following about your telephone skills? We give 100% attention to all our calls? We always ask for all the details […]

Adding Value to Your IT Customer Service

There has been a major push in Australia towards ITIL® (Information Technology Infrastructure Library). This is becoming a default standard in the IT industry. This identifies that IT is a service and all IT workers are service providers. However, this breakthrough course goes further and creates a “service” culture and mindset within the IT Department. […]

AI Appreciative Inquiry and Design Thinking Course

How do I apply design thinking to work? How can I do things better at work? What new ideas can we implement at work? The process of design thinking is gaining popularity and has emerged to be a powerful tool to handle various problems at work. Design Thinking (DT) and Appreciative Inquiry (AI) are proven […]





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