Time Management Training Course

To meet the demands of today’s increasingly competitive and demanding workplace, many people feel an increase in their workloads. They experience long working hours and greater time pressures. The key to coping with all the workplace demands is to work “smarter” instead of “harder” or “faster.” A time management course can be the extra step […]

Speed Reading Course

A speed reading course gives you the essential speed reading techniques to help you learn to read faster. This course is suitable for anybody who has a reading tray that is never empty. Most universities now provide a speed reading training program for their students; however, this program is specifically tailored to help you read your individual […]

Influencing Negative Thinking Personalities And Change Resistors

It is critical for organisations to seize opportunities to provide better products and services for your customers and clients. In business, it’s a competitive advantage. In the public sector, customer service performance indicators are constantly monitored for funding and resourcing decisions. The challenge is that it’s much easier to ridicule ideas rather than to take […]

Exchanging feedback and creating dialogue

Plan of action Many of us do not appreciate negative feedback. We like positive feedback and deflect negative feedback. Feedback is certainly influenced by perception, cultural background and emotional intelligence. This program will help your organisation embrace dialogue and feedback as opportunities rather than a perceived threat. How to promote dialogue in your organisation How […]

Influencing And Persuasion Techniques

The course content is engaging and has shown to have significant psychological improvements in the way you can influence and persuade people. The course focusses on both internal and external customers too. When you don’t have hierarchical or statutory power then you really need influencing skills and persuasion techniques Questions you might be asking yourself How […]

Thinking On Your Toes

Plan of action When you master the skill of thinking on your feet, you immediately instil confidence in what you are saying. This is a very astute business skill. It is astonishing that some people expand their learning in University and constrict their learning style thereafter. To securely think and stand on your own feet […]

Directing Others

Plan of action Managers and leaders balance the need to be directive and supportive. It is also important to be caring and compassionate; however there are situations which do require a more directive style. How to be more directive in the workplace. How to use different situational communicative styles. How to identify your unique directive […]

Decision Making Training Course

Have your people been professionally trained to interpret information correctly Unfortunately people often conceal or misrepresent information that may be challenging. Many employees act on the information they receive without question like Moses. They have not been thought to think through the information and this can lead to poor decision making behaviours. Create a culture […]

Compassion Training

Plan of action This program is designed to make you imbibe compassion in every facet of your life. Learn how to make compassion a part of your organisational culture and personal character. This program dovetails compassionate behaviours with productivity boosts. Many workforces operate using the blame system which stifles morale and productivity. How to motivate […]

Command Skills Course

Plan of action Even the best commanders in the world know not to overuse command skills. However, many leaders completely under use their command skills to the detriment of the organisation. Command skills are a situational tool and are imperative in certain instances particularly when personal safety is at risk. The 10 commandments of Command […]